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Andrew McMahon Announces New Album; Shares New Song • Page 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 11, 2023.

  1. VivaLaPopPunk


    I absolutely love Andrew, but I agree with you about Flowers. That album as a whole just never resonated with me; upon the first listen, I was just waiting for the album to "take off" in a sense, but it just never happened. There are a few tracks I enjoyed, but that was it. I've only listened to Stars thus far regarding this newest wave of tunes since I absolutely hate that artists these days release nearly half or half of the album as singles prior, but I enjoyed Stars a lot; so I'm hoping the rest of the album is up to par with that song at least?
  2. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    Other singles are up to par for sure, though pretty versatile, so you'll have to see if they're all to your liking. I usually only want to listen to 2-3 singles max, but up until yesterday I didn't know if the new songs are a part of a new album at all, seeing as Andrew did put out some one-offs some time ago too.
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  3. fredwordsmith

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    You guys are SLEEPING on Upside Down Flowers.

    Teenage Rockstars, House in the Trees, Paper Rain and Everything Must Go all absolutely kill it live. For an artist to add meaningful tracks (nearly 1/5 of a set) from their 8th career album, that’s nuts.

    Does it reach the absolute height of Leaving Through the Window or EIT? No. And it never could. We aren’t 20 anymore. At least most of us commenting on this page aren’t. At this point, we are grading as much on a nostalgia curve as we are a musical one.

    As with everything he’s ever done, I expect him to write stuff that sounds good at first blush, great after a month and timeless after a year. He hasn’t failed that yet.
  4. sammyboy516

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    I understand where you’re coming from. For me personally I didn’t get into Andrew until around the time of Glass Passenger and I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a full SoCo album. So maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia but probably not in the way you mean. I think it’s just that, stylistically and sonically, I’m not as much a fan of most of the Wilderness stuff as I was of Jack’s. However like I said, I really like the first Wilderness album and there are several tracks after it that I return to often. Hoping this new one has some as well and maybe if I spend some more time with the recent singles those tracks will become some of my favorites. I’m glad people are still enjoying his output and I’m glad he seems to be successful and happy making it.
  5. fredwordsmith

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    This is also great!
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  6. Bartek T.

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    Definitely second that notion for me! Though I do understand other cases too ;d
  7. parkerxcore

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    I think it's safe to say we all love Andrew and are rooting for his success. New music from him is better than no music at all.
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