Andrew McMahon’s “Rocktail Hour”

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    Andrew McMahon has started a new video series called “Rocktail Hour” where he talks about his new album, and cocktails. The first episode is now up.

    Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I’ve enjoyed inviting you into my kitchen for some amateur cocktail making sessions. With this in mind I’ve paired up with my good friends at The Vine Restaurant in San Clemente to bring you the Rocktail Hour. In this series I’ll be teaching you how to make some exciting cocktails while sharing stories from my life as well as the inspiration behind the songs on Upside Down Flowers.

  2. This was interesting and funny
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    I've watched some of the live streams of him doing this stuff and it's always light and fun. This sounds like the perfect thing for him to do, especially in this album cycle.
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    I have these ingredients at home, now what I'm making tonight
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  5. We need pics and a review of the cocktail please
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    This was cool and a good reminder I need to pick up a ticket to the show in March.
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