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Anchor Eighty Four Records

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Ruston, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Ruston


    I noticed that no one on here has really mentioned much about Anchor Eighty Four Records so I thought I'd help spread the word. There are some really amazing bands on this label that deserve recognition. A84 also has some amazing alumni such as Second To Last, Still Rings True, and Grayscale.

    (Full disclosure, my band is on the label too. I'll hold out on talking about my band to avoid this turning into a self-promotion thing).

    In Good Nature - Melodic Post Hardcore from Massachusetts:

    Dear Youth - Pop Punk from Montreal

    Southpaw - Rock from Michigan

    Slowtrip - "Crunch Rock Supreme" from California (Rotting Out, Ex-No Bragging Rights, Ex-The Greenery)

  2. Yeeep.

    A lot of records from that label that I still have in constant rotation

    Heart to Heart s/t
    No Tide - I Hope I Don't Get Left Outside
    The Traditional - How To Live Without Blood
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  3. Ruston


    Also kind of cool, the label started with a sampler featuring The Story So Far and Second to Last (as well as others!)