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Favorite Anberlin Album

  1. Blueprints for the Black Market

    0 vote(s)
  2. Never Take Friendship Personal

    15 vote(s)
  3. Cities

    55 vote(s)
  4. New Surrender

    5 vote(s)
  5. Dark is the Way, Light is a Place

    9 vote(s)
  6. Vital

    16 vote(s)
  7. Lowborn

    5 vote(s)
  1. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    They may not play anymore but we can always talk about them.
  2. Meerkat

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    "Inevitable" is an all time favorite love song
  3. Timmiluvs

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    New Surrender is simply my favorite because it was the first of theirs I heard and it was with me through a lot during my high school years.
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  4. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    New Surrender probably hit at the peak of my Anberlin fandom, and for that it will always hold a special place for me.

    Cities is Cities though.
  5. Tim

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    Cities, then Lowborn, then Dark is the Way.

    I think Cities has held up for me better than any other T&N album I bought in high school outside of mewithoutYou.
  6. Timmiluvs

    I play video games fast -- @Timmiluvs Prestigious

    The thing for me about their first 3 albums prior to New Surrender is that each of them has some amazing songs (probably like 6 or so per album), but none of them I enjoy song for song all the way through.

    The post NS albums had less and less songs I enjoyed overall.
  7. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    That's interesting because for me NS was the first album where I didn't enjoy every song.
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  8. Tim

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    That's a weirder opinion than my opinion that DITWLIAP is good and NTFP is only my 5th fav by the band.
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  9. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    NTFP was my introduction to Anberlin, and this scene as a whole. So needless to say it's up there for me.
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  10. Timmiluvs

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    Understandable. I'm sure that my feelings for NS are a bit biased from my first Anberlin album and the personal connection I have with it, but to be honest, all of those first 4 records are some of the best out there.
  11. contra11mundum Mar 12, 2016
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    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    It should also be noted that Anberlin is m
    Oh agreed. And don't forget Vital. My goodness what an album. Lowborn too. The thing that Dark and NS had going against them was the standard they had set for themselves.
  12. Tim

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    If Cities is #1 (it is), Lowborn is like #1.1 or something. Such a great album that I would have loved to experience live, even if the songs wouldn't have been very high energy.

    Though, I am glad that the only non-festival headlining set I saw from them was on the Vital tour. I didn't think that album was as amazing as others did (prefer DITWLIAP), but those songs were built for a live set. Such a fun show.
  13. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    They played We Are Destroyer at the show I saw them on for the farewell tour and it was electrifying. That album has aged well for me.
  14. Tim

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    Really? I thought they intentionally didn't play anything from that album on their farewell tour.

    It's a slow burner, but "Stranger Ways" would have been great live. Likewise for "Armageddon," which would have crushed at the climax.
  15. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    They started playing that one about halfway through the tour.

    Stranger Ways is one of my favorite Anberlin songs. Period.
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  16. Greg

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    I saw them live during the NTFP days in a VFW hall and then their Farewell tour. I'll miss them.

    Cities is the strongest effort by a long shot.
  17. contra11mundum Mar 14, 2016
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    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    I feel like an argument could be made for Vital being their best if you took out the nostalgia factor and presented all 7 albums to people who had never heard it at once.

    But yeah Cities is still my favorite. ha
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  18. quietwords

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    Anberlin will always be one of my favorites. Such genuine dudes, too.

    This band also inspired my (new!) username, haha
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  19. FTank

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    I think Dark is #1 for me, followed by Cities and probably Lowborn. Vital has some great songs and some that I don't like at all, a really uneven release IMO
  20. Meerkat

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    Man I forgot "The Haunting" existed. Good to know that song still destroys me.
  21. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    Should I make it so the poll is only on the first page of a thread?
  22. Timmiluvs

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    I personally like it so it shows up on every page. Makes it so that I don't have to go back to the first thread if I want to view the poll while reading the thread.
  23. beachdude

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    As someone who got into their full discography more recently, Vital/Devotion is my favorite.
  24. Greg

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    That would be my preference.
  25. Henry

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    Cities and Never Take Friendship Personal are perfect.