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American Nightmare Release Teaser Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 15, 2017.

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  2. Jakob Allen


    Very very intriguing
  3. polarpies


    Stoked for some new stuff but God I hate preordering from Rise.
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  4. gbuffers


    This is actually amazing, I had no idea! What's with the name though I thought they couldn't use it or have I just been out of the loop for like 10 years?
  5. adamlikesdogs


  6. tshreve


    This and Glassjaw in the same day feels so fucking good
  7. carrytheweird

    Yaaaaaaass! One of my favorite bands dies, and another is reborn! I’m in heaven. Hope it doesn’t suck.
  8. AP_Punk

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    I have mixed feelings about this. Wes Eisold's support of misogynist neo-fascists like Boyd Rice make me hesitant to continue supporting anything he does.
  9. _unproductive


    hmmm. I knew nothing of this because I don't follow Cold Cave, but this is certainly something I'm going to read into. Thanks
  10. AP_Punk Nov 16, 2017
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    a few years back Wes brought Boyd Rice along for some Cold Cave shows - here's a little write-up on that controversy, as well some info on Boyd Rice. Wes continually came out in defense of Boyd Rice and even helped produce a recent album of his, Back to Mono. On top of that, he released a collection of Rice's essays and lyrics via his publishing company, Heartworm Press (the book recently went through another printing earlier this year).

    If you wanna dig a little deeper, here's some info on the neo-folk/industrial movement that Boyd Rice is a part of.

    and while on the topic of current punk bands flirting with fascism, it's worth pointing out that Alkaline Trio had Douglas Pearce, of the neo-nazi/neo-folk band Death in June, contribute a spoken word piece on "I Found Away" from their 2008 album, Agony and Irony. sigh.
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  11. _unproductive


    crazy. I keep reading Boyd's defenses where he says its all a performance and satire. But at some point if the satire consumes you, doesn't it just become your new normal?