American Football Stream New Album

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    YO! This is really goood! My very favorite release from them actually. That's a bold statement, I know...I mean it tho.
  3. Hugo G.

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    The album is just amazing.

    This is a very reasonable statement!
  4. Guilherme Brandao


    I like LP2, but it was too similar do the 1st one and it didn't bring anything new for their sound.

    Listened to the new one two times already and I am really digging it.
    Great songs, great arrangements, beautiful guitar work.

    Let's see how it holds up with time.

    Definitely a standout album in 2019 so far.
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    Completely agree. I love the way his voice sounds on this one. I like that they kinda layered it all kinds of reverb and stuff. LP2 felt really dry sounding.
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  6. meekers


    I like everything this band does
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  7. Jacktheskipper


    ... for me this might be my favorite by them, too ... absolutely love it!