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American Crime TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by quietwords, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. quietwords

    RIP EmoPunkKid28: 2002-2016 Prestigious

    Anybody watch this season? The finale aired last night, I have yet to watch it, though. It's been absolutely fantastic. Never hear anyone else talk about it, though.
  2. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    I love this show so fucking much
  3. kbeef2

    Trusted Supporter

    Premiere was fantastic
  4. mmcd323


    completely forgot this was back on, I'll have to catch the premiere on DVR tonight. Hope this season is as good as last season (except the finale because that sucked)
  5. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    the finale of season 3 really threw me, it came out of nowhere especially because the other seasons had more episodes.
    Is this show done for? I really, really enjoyed it and wish it would have gained more popularity. It was popular among critics but I hardly heard anyone talk about it.