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America’s Healthcare Crisis Is a Gold Mine for Crowdfunding

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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    Growth has been rapid. In a September 2015 LinkedIn post, Solomon wrote that the one million campaigns set up over the previous year had raised $1 billion from nearly 12 million donors. By February 2016, the total was $2 billion. In October 2016, it was $3 billion, from 25 million donors. A NerdWallet study of medical crowdfunding said GoFundMe had indicated that $930 million of the $2 billion raised in the period the study analyzed was from medical campaigns.

    This is horrific. No one should have to turn to crowdfunding sites for healthcare.

  2. tyramail

    Trusted Supporter

    I see this often from friends and family and people I know. It's horribly depressing. Even after medical costs are huge, funeral expenses are outrageous as well. My girlfriend's grandfather died in January and they wanted to charge her grandma 800 fucking dollars for a fucking slideshow to be put together and played. Obviously the family said no and did it themselves, but the funeral home didn't even know how to work their own equipment so there was a 10 minute delay trying to get it to work on their projector.

    TL;DR - this kind of shit is way too expensive.
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  3. ARo24


    When I was younger I had to get a bone marrow transplant and I'll never forget opening the bill for 250k. I'm forever thankful my insurance covered it but thinking about someone in that predicament without coverage is devastating sad. Shit needs to change.
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  4. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    Luckily my brother in law was able to get on OHP to cover his medical bills when he was diagnosed with leukemia, but we still had to crowdfund because him and my sister had to lose their jobs to move across the state to access him medical care and they have a toddler to take care of.
  5. Raku


    I don't know how we haven't joined Canada, and the United Kingdom in having proper health care (actually I do, money talks, and bullshit walks =/).

    Hopefully one day the health system will improve. You shouldn't get into dept just because you had a bad day, and scrapped your knee (I'm over-exaggerating, but still).
  6. The Pharmacist

    Legal Drug Dealer Prestigious

    As a healthcare provider, nothing sickens me more then the prices of everything health related. From hosptial stays to medicine. And the constant selfishness of those in this country who don't want universal healthcare because they "don't want to pay for others" until they get into their own health care scenario. Then it's bitching about "Obamacare". No one seems to remember how shit insurance was before ACA and how insurance companies had life limits and could drop you whenever. Ugh its so frustating.
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