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Ambient music thread Genre • Page 81

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by bedwettingcosmo, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. OotyPa

    fall away

    Alright y’all, let’s get these year-end lists up here. This year was a spectacular year for ambient and experimental music, so good luck deciding! Gonna try and post mine soon...
  2. 0rb

    deep in the forest

    Congrats on being the 2000th post in this thread @OotyPa . I'll have a list sometime this week for yas.
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  3. OotyPa Jan 5, 2021
    (Last edited: Jan 8, 2021)

    fall away

    my top 15

    1) Pausal - Melatonia
    2) Helios - Domicile
    3) Luke Schneider - Altar of Harmony
    4) This Will Destroy You - Vespertine
    5) North Americans - Roped In
    6) Miguel Noya - Canciónes Intactas
    7) Roly Porter - Kistvaen
    8) Gigi Masin - Calypso
    9) Illuvia - Past Lives & Inner Worlds
    10) Eerie Gaits - Holopaw
    11) Waveform Transmission - AI-20: V 3.0-3.9
    12) Susana López aka Susan Drone - crónica de un secuestro
    13) Seahawks and Woo - Celestial Railroads
    14) Jacaszek - Music for Film
    15) Tatsuhisa Yamamoto - Ashioto (& Ashiato)

    honorable mentions:

    Jon Hassell - Seeing Through Sound
    Andrew Tuttle - Alexandra
    Blush to the Snow - S/T
    Julianna Barwick - Healing is a Miracle
    Chris Zabriskie - I Made This While You Were Asleep
    Michiru Aoyama - Flat Lake
    Ulla - Tumbling Towards a Wall
    Purl - Renovatio
    Laraaji - Through Luminous Eyes
    r beny - Natural Fiction
    Lieven Martens and Dolphins Into the Future - Insular Monographs
    Hotel Neon - Moments
    KMRU - Peel
    Koyil - Healing Cycles
    Morimoto Naoki - Hibi
    Chris Watson/Georgia Rodgers- Notes From The Forest Floor/Line Of Parts
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  4. Haruni


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  5. Horrorca


    that Helios is quite the beauty
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  6. mesi


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  7. OotyPa

    fall away

    That Julianna Barwick record is gorgeous, might climb my list. Somehow forgot about it when writing my list, but added to my honorable mentions. I also dug that Dylan Henner record but didn't listen to it enough--very cool concept album. I listened to Halftribe this morning... good stuff, though I think I like their last one more

    These came out recently. Really good drone. I loved their record which came out last month, too.

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  8. JM95


    Vintage synths and really cool, trippy beats.

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  9. duffe

    I Want To Be There

    teaser for a new Eluvium album ?
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  10. LightWithoutHeat

    Doomed to Live

    Yes please.
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  11. mesi


    New Morimoto Naoki out today on Seil records:
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  12. OotyPa Jan 13, 2021
    (Last edited: Jan 13, 2021)

    fall away

    Seems like I've got a lot to listen to from the lists and new stuff posted. LOVE the diversity. @0rb waiting on yours O:-)

    I'll be digging in after I finish this stunning track from 2019. I wish this artist put out more stuff since then, but nada

  13. Horrorca


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  14. cherrywaves


    doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being ambient?
  15. OotyPa Jan 13, 2021
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    fall away

    I enjoy my ambient voluminous and all-encompassing

    edit- I also think this lends itself to a discussion about the genre. I don't necessarily expect or want all ambient artists to make peaceful music.
  16. Gjpeace

    Regular Supporter

    When I get the chance to make a list, Ingrid will definitely be on it. Great stuff. Some of the songs on Oliver Coates' new album, though I wouldn't necessarily classify it as ambient, remind me of it, so check that out too if you like that droning cello sound.
  17. Horrorca


    depends on yr definition of ambient

    the Eno definition of ambient was “must be as ignorable as it is interesting” but that is compositionally - did he mean we must play at a low volume?? maybe


    that’s only one definition from one person

    Wikipedia has this

    Ambient music is a genre of music that emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm. A form of instrumental music, it may lack net composition, beat, or structured melody.[5] It uses textural layers of sound which can reward both passive and active listening[6] and encourage a sense of calm or contemplation.[7][8] The genre is said to evoke an "atmospheric", "visual",[9] or "unobtrusive" quality.[10]

    I would feel that is better although there is ambient that is not instrumental

    again... different views / definitions

    all I have to say is if you haven’t listened to a Stars of the Lid album (especially the last two) at max volume on a good stereo (especially vinyl!) you will be wonderfully surprised at how much magic & power & detail is revealed
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  18. Horrorca


    remember when power ambient was a thing? I kinda liked that term
  19. Horrorca


    thank you! will do
  20. OotyPa

    fall away

    Absolutely agreed that listening to SoTL and other drone artists at high volume really brings out how sweepingly beautiful they are. I think ambient can definitely be "ignorable" but you don't always want to ignore it--sometimes you want it to overwhelm you.
  21. angrycandy

    I will always be nicer to the cat than I am to you Prestigious

    so I've listened to Stars of the Lid a bit over the years but never really did a deep dive. what do y'all consider to be their seminal albums?
  22. OotyPa

    fall away

    And Their Refinement, Tired Sounds, and Ballasted Orchestra are my faves. You can’t really go wrong with any of their albums though. The side projects are also beautiful and worth checking out.

    Kyle Bobby Dunn’s newest album and Infinite Sadness are some of the best SotL tributes I’ve heard in a long while, those are also worth checking out (even though KBD has major issues)
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  23. angrycandy

    I will always be nicer to the cat than I am to you Prestigious

    listening to And Their Refinement... now. I feel like I have to finish this one to really get what they're driving at and then the other two you mentioned will be next. I appreciate the suggestions
  24. OotyPa

    fall away

    For sure. Also drone is v mood-driven. If you’re not into it now, I’d say try it again when it’s past midnight and you’re the last one awake.
  25. OotyPa

    fall away

    This Matt LaJoie record is transcendent, thank you @mesi for the rec. How were his others from this year?

    On that note, I absolutely LOVED the Americana-tinged ambient wave we got this year, from North Americans to Austin Cash. Still waiting on that Chuck Johnson, too.