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Amazon Is Complicit With Counterfeiting

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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    Casey Hopkins, from Elevation Lab (makers of quite a few products I really like), has posted a blog about how Amazon is complicit in helping promote counterfeiters:

    When someone goes to the lengths of making counterfeits of your products, it’s at least a sign you’re doing something right. And it deserves a minute of flattery.

    But when Chinese counterfeiters tool up and make copies of your product, send that inventory to Amazon, then overtake the real product’s buy box by auto-lowering the price – it’s a real problem. Customers are unknowingly buying crap versions of the product, while both Amazon and the scammers are profiting, and the reputation you’ve built goes down the toilet.

    I have their headphone anchor under my desk and it’s fantastic.

  2. Elder Lightning

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    The casual racism in this line: "suiningdonghanjiaju Co Ltd (sounds legit)" is real nice :sly:
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  3. That’s the actual scam company name.
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  4. Elder Lightning

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    Right, I get that. It’s the implication in the snarky “sounds legit” parenthetical that a name that looks/sounds that way couldn’t possibly be legitimate.
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  5. It’s not legitimate, it’s litterally a scam company.
  6. Elder Lightning

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    That’s not the point. The legitimacy of the company can’t be inferred from the name, just because the name looks/sounds strange to this person.
  7. Jason Tate Mar 2, 2018
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    Yes it can?. It’s not the name of the company that makes this product. It’s literally a fake scam company with a made up fake name that’s scamming people. I don’t think I’m following.
  8. Hunter Norman


    Yeah, not sure I would consider that casually racist just because the obviously made up name happens to be Chinese.
  9. personalmaps

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    I ordered and received a counterfeit Fjallraven backpack and was pissed. My friends told me I was nuts because there was no way Amazon would let sellers get away with that. Sending this to all of them.
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  10. yeahrightdude

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    I've tried to explain to a friend that just because products are sold through Prime doesn't mean they're legitimate. He ended up throwing away a box full of bootleg command strips after all of his picture frames fell off the wall and broke.
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  11. Malatesta

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    this is a real problem amazon has.... you get an eye for it after a while but my family does not always haha
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  12. efp722


    Been a fan since their first elevation dock kickstarter. Great products. Cool company.
  13. coleslawed

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    this is the #1 reason I’ve never really gotten into shopping on amazon, wayyyyyy to easy for people to sell (and me to accidentally buy) counterfeits and bootlegs.