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Amazon Announces ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Amazon has announced they’ll be producing a new Lord of the Rings TV series. The Hollywood Reporter has more:

    The retail giant and streaming outlet announced Monday that it has acquired global television rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise, based on the best-selling novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. Amazon has handed out a multiple-season commitment. The Amazon LOTR series will be produced in-house at Amazon Studios alongside the Tolkien Estate and Trust, publisher HarperCollins and Warner Bros. Entertainment’s New Line Cinema.

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  3. LightWithoutHeat

    If I could just forget it

    I hope this will be good, but mostly I feel this story is best told by the books.
  4. Tim

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    The LOTR trilogy were my favorite films when I was in middle school, and I still really dig 'em, but I hated the Hobbit films. Hopefully this ends up being good.

    The roughest thing about Middle Earth in retrospect is that it's basically 99% a story of white dudes doing white dude things. Are there any POC in the films besides nameless villains? Granted, I feel like that's a common issue with this type of fantasy, but still, it'd be cool if this adaptation tried to fit that. I unfortunately don't remotely expect that to happen, though.
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  5. NitrateDawn


    Do we know if this is just a straight up adaptation of the books? I'd love for it to be some other story set in Middle-Earth that can fit alongside Jackson's films.
  6. Supernova

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    Didn't even read the article. I'm in.
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  7. TJ Wells

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    So you want your own mega Game of Thrones fantasy series and you're gonna adapt something that already has a perfect adaptation? There's so much good unadapted material out there. What a dumb, transparent, money-grubbing decision.
  8. dlemert


    My thoughts on this are the same as my thoughts on the upcoming live-action Lion King adaptation: If there already exists the definitive version of something, why bother doing it again?
  9. dlemert


    Didn't see this before I made my own post but I completely agree.
  10. Psst..
    Amazon's LOTR series will be set in Middle-earth and explore new storylines preceding Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring.
  11. TJ Wells

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    Ok, that's a little better, I didn't see that. It's still latching onto a safe, known franchise, another drop into the bucket to further saturate the media landscape with things people already know. Game of Thrones, while based on a pre-existing book franchise, was basically unknown to people outside of the fantasy sphere.
  12. Studios make and release stuff they think lots of people want to watch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  13. suicidesaints

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    ^ You're not wrong. I just wish people didn't want to watch the same things over and over again.
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  14. contra11mundum

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    I’m such a hypocrite when it comes to this kind of thing, because, overall, I am incredibly annoyed by reboot/remake/sequel culture.

    But then I get super excited for things like Star Wars and...well this. Haha

    Also, Blade Runner 2049 is my favorite movie of the year so far. Just though I’d throw that in there.
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  15. Malatesta

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    given the Hobbit movies are some of the most bloated and unnecessary films i know, not reaaaaaaaaally confident this will be good at all
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  16. AllenRicketts


    There's ways to put non-white actors in this show but if being a hero and saving the day and falling in love is "white dude things" I don't think you'd be very happy with it anyway.
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  17. justin.

    請叫我賴總統 Supporter

    I'm actually excited for this now that I know it's not a remake of the first three films. Having the setting be before Fellowship gives me slight hope that they could borrow stuff from the Silmarillion. I'm probably going to be disappointed when it's not, but I can dream. I also would be down for a TV universe that exists in the same universe at Jackson's films but gives us new characters and stories instead of focusing only on Tolkien's books.
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  18. zachmacD


    I adored LOTR growing up and have watched the extended versions of all three movies but those Hobbit movies were awful. I think it's worth the risk though because if this turns out to be good, it'll be awesome to watch