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Alkaline Trio / Together Pangea Tour • Page 4

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by JaytotheGee, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. inwaves

    Is This Thing Cursed?

    I fell in love with Ogikubo Station. Got to meet Mike Park and he's the sweetest.
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  2. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

    Hit up the 1st Santa Ana show tonight. Absolutely solid. Wish they played more from their new album, but that’s forgiven simple because I’m glad I got to see them live. Also, since it looks like Blink is gonna be back in gear soon, who knows when ALK3 will tour again.

    Also, although they’re style/scene of music isn’t my thing, I really enjoyed Together Pangea. Definitely will check some of their stuff out
  3. AWasteOfATime


    wiltern released some floor tickets so ya boys goin
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  4. Xpertguy5


    Good to know that there's more tickets for wiltern. I'm going tonight and might tomorrow as well
  5. ParenthesesLive


    One week til the stuffing. lets party.
  6. JaytotheGee

    Trusted Prestigious

    Selling 2 pairs of tickets for Saturday and Sunday at the Metro if anyones interested!