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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by atlas, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Petit nain des Îles

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    I know they played this on the farewell tour, but I hope they bring it back somehow:

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  2. atlas


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  3. beachdude

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    Can’t believe we’re getting new AOF music this week.
  4. redwing91007

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    T-minus 4 days
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  5. K0ta


    Great interview.

    This part though (lol):

    That song for us was more towards the kids in the scene?Around that time, it was all about fashion and it was all about who had the better haircut. And going to shows and kids maybe not dancing because they were afraid of who was going to be looking at them while they were doing it. That was a really big thing for us because we're just a bunch of goofs who like playing our guitars and stuff. We're not really worried too much about what our hair looks like. We're more about the song. That song was more written toward that, just hoping that kids would have an open mind and listen to everything. And no, it's not about your haircut. No, it's not about the pants you're wearing. It's more so about feeling the music.

    Oh man. I really don't miss my colored Tripp skinny jeans from Hot Topic. He's so right though.
  6. Anthony Brooks

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  7. sean_rugy

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  8. amorningofsleep


    The fuck does it MEAN?

  9. Argus

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    I don't know, but the third black square already has way more likes than the first two. Definitely the square of choice.
  10. Carrow

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    can you say 'new song'?
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  11. beachdude

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    I guess if you zoom in, there’s coordinates for Toronto, New York, LA, and London also
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  12. atlas


    ugh you can't make me drive to New York when I'm already going to Philly in May for Balance's last show
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  13. redwing91007

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    Am I blind? How are you guys seeing these things?
  14. K0ta


    New York date would be amazing but damn 2019 is bankrupting me
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  15. zmtr

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    Pretty sure you have to be on a PC and mess with your monitors contrast settings
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  16. zmtr

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  17. ramomcferno

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    First of all, I am so glad you guys are so good with doing the detective work. You guys rock!

    New music is awesome but I have been yearning to see this band for years. I was even willing to go to Toronto to see them. I will do whatever is necessary.
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  18. ugman_2000

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    Will def buy London tickets if/when a date gets announced. I’ve missed them everytime they’ve played here since they reformed.
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  19. currytheword


    See you there.
  20. aoftbsten

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    God damn, this performance of Midnight Regulations is fucking incredible

    Also, sorry for anyone who thought this bump was about Familiar Drugs
  21. atlas


    i made this exact post 3 pages ago! great minds think alike lol
  22. aoftbsten

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    Whoops haha! I was scrolling through my watch history on YouTube (which has been full up of AOF in the last few weeks), that's probably where I first saw it and I forgot lol.
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  23. zmtr

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    So incredibly well mixed for a live show.
  24. zmtr

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    Midnight Regulations might make my top 5 AOF songs tbh
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  25. cshadows2887

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    I just listened to Watch Out! for the first time (I know, I know) and that shit is fire.