Alex Gaskarth Talks With RockSound

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    Alex Gaskarth talked with RockSound about the latest Simple Creatures’ EP:

    There’s some really cool ideas floating out there in the big folder of potential Simple Creatures music, but I think as we’ve continued to write, the ethos and the sound of Simple Creatures is becoming more defined. At first, we were just kind of swinging and trying a lot of different things, and part of that process was finding out the voice of Simple Creatures and what that is. Now we’re a lot more familiar with the kind of music we want to make for this, I think when it comes time to making more music, I’m sure we’ll go back and end up pulling from some of that stuff. But I think the idea of continuing to innovate and keep it new is what excites me most about this project, so I imagine that’s where we’ll go with it.

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    Pleasantly surprised that I might like the second EP more than the first. NVM, The Wolf and Thanks, I Hate It is a real fun, strong back half.
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    I only like One Little Lie on the second ep. This venture was a big bummer for me.