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Albums in Stores – Sep. 23rd, 2016

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

    Your friendly little forum bot. Staff Member

  2. alexjlow


    It’s all about Beach Slang, How to Dress Well and Every time I Die for me today.

    Also if you don’t know Springsteen then go and pick up ‘Chapter & Verse’ – I will probably pick it up for the pre E-Street songs and for collection purposes but it’s a nice collection of songs for someone who is beginning with The Boss. Also, everyone should buy his autobiography next week.
  3. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    Expire - With Regret (if you like hardcore then you NEED to listen to this album. It's incredible)
    Every Time I Die - Low Teens
    Stick To Your Guns - Better Ash Than Dust
    Casey - Love Is Not Enough
    Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component
    Trap Them - Crown Feral
    Beach Slang - A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings

    What a great release day.
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  4. punkzilla84


    Really excited for that casey record, and Pray for sound
  5. Jack Wilmott

    Self-described freestyle wizard poet.

    Put on ETID on the way to work.

    I was very impressed. Probably their best since New Junk from first impressions.

    Did not realise Beach Slang dropped today so will have to check that out.
  6. elemenohpe

    Irregular Prestigious

    New stuff also out today from:
    Omar Rodriguez Lopez (aaaagain)
    Giraffe Tongue Orchestra (supergroup with members of Alice In Chains, Mastadon, Dillinger Escape Plan... and Juliette Lewis?)
  7. Jack Wilmott

    Self-described freestyle wizard poet.

    Wait. There is a supergroup featuring members of Mastodon, Dillinger and AIC????? And I didn't know about it.
  8. elemenohpe

    Irregular Prestigious

    Uhh, yeah. Apparently.
  9. chuwaay


    Too Close to Touch, Every Time I Die and Beach Slang.

    For some reason I thought Beach Slang was next week.
  10. Orla Sep 23, 2016
    (Last edited: Sep 23, 2016)

    little old lady Prestigious

    Bought Warpaint's Heads Up, need to check out the new Flock of Dimes & Beach Slang records
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  11. Elder Lightning

    A lightning bolt without a cloud in the sky Supporter

    Of those I haven't already heard, need to still check out Beach Slang, Flock of Dimes, How To Dress Well, Merchandise, and Neurosis.
  12. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    gonna check out beach slang
  13. Guys Named Todd

    Regular Prestigious

    Every Time I Die!

    Then probably:
    Mitch Jenkins
    Lvl up
    How to dress well
    ...and the inevitable care ride with Idina Menzel and my girlfriend.
  14. artbynickferran

    Saw Beach Slang last night and they absolutely slayed. I love the new album, bummed they didn't have copies of it with them.
  15. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    The Flock of Dimes album is very good!

    Paper Route
    How To Dress Well
  16. Solidus

    This is a war, sober up

    New ETID does not disappoint! Loving it.

    Might check out the new Too Close To Touch later.
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  17. @@ron


    I'm excited to hear Paper Route's album. It's been a long time coming.
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  18. YouOnlyLukeOnce


    The new Too Close to Touch is fantastic. Very emotional and solid work. Still think I like their first record more, but highly recommend this album
  19. rxbandit89

    probably over-caffeinated. Supporter

    Beach Slang and Every Time I Die are on my list. Probably going to check out that Bruce Springsteen album too.
  20. Forgot that Paper Route was out today. Need to check that out ASAP.

    My Chem's Black Parade reissue dropped today too.
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  21. sawhney[rusted]2

    I'll write you into all of my songs Supporter

    Ty Dolla $ign's new album Campaign too

    How to Dress Well
    Too Close to Touch

    Shit, ETID's albums about his wife and daughter possibly dieing through complications during birth, and Too Close to Touch's album is about the lead singers 3 year old sister passing away. Gonna be a depressing week.
  22. JRGComedy

    Trusted Supporter

    Thanks Jason!

    I'm Jacob Godbey and my debut comedy album is out today. It'd warm my heart to have some Chorus folks listen to it, and it's up for free download at my Bandcamp. If you want to know what you're in for, here's the music video for the lead single:

    Also, the new ETID rips.
  23. heymattrick

    Pool Boy at the Vampire Mansion

    Mutemath and My Chemical Romance all the way! Technically neither are new but excited nonetheless!
  24. Iamhollywood315


    Buffalos finest put out another barn burner of a record. And I forgot new STYG came out. Gonna have to jam and go ham today!
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  25. Colin Your Enthusiasm

    It's nobody's battle but your own. Prestigious

    Not much for me this week.