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    I know others recommended Vagabon also but your post was the one that led me to put it on the queue for today and wow, it is really, really great. So thanks haha
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    and just found out about Dave Monks, need to check that one. New From Indian Lakes is good, but man do I miss that Able Bodies sound. Still my favorite from him.
  3. Jfletch


    A couple good ones that people have mentioned already and then a couple that I want to add for people to check out. Some good female fronted bands have music out today: Dream State, Dreamhouse, and Sainte. Will also check the new ones from The Almost, Refused, and Wretch 32. One that I missed but am spinning a lot now that I'd recommend is Sinead Harnett
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    this makes so much more sense now!!! Thank you!!
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