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  1. AMC


    I am digging the new mest single

  2. Ferrari333SP

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    Beautiful four song EP out from Norwegian band Highasakite

  3. thesidekicksuicide


    Death Rosenstock live album
    White Reaper
    Turnover EP
    Sufjan Stevens - The Decalogue
  4. Amanda Aguilar Oct 18, 2019
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    Amanda Aguilar

    Los Angeles


    Electric Guest
    Jimmy Eat World
    Third Eye Blind
    White Reaper
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  5. Orla

    right on!

    Ali Barter – Hello, I’m Doing My Best
    Beabadoobee – Space Cadet EP
    Caroline Polachek – Pang
    Jimmy Eat World – Surviving
    Vagabon – Vagabon
  6. Cody Butler


    I’m confused on the Turnover EP. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in here but can’t find it on Apple Music. It just shows the full record our November 1st (albeit with 4 tracks available to stream). Are they the same 4 tracks?
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  7. bradsonemanband

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  8. Colby Searcy

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    Fucking great
  9. Jake W

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    It's the way some labels put the singles together on Spotify that causes the confusion I think. It's not an EP is just all the singles released from the album so far.
  10. dtbjerke

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    It looks like instead of releasing the new song "Number On The Gate" on its own, Spotify (or whoever) decided to add the other three songs already released ("Much After Feeling", "Plant Sugar", and "Parties") to a single/EP called Number On The Gate.

    So now there is a Much After Feeling / Plant Sugar (double) single, a Parties single, and a Number On The Gate "EP". I like Apple Music's method MUCH better.

    Edit: Quoted the wrong person
  11. paperlung

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    ^^^^^^^^^ a million times this. I remember reading that part two was going to be the heavier of these two albums, and that is absolutely the truth. This thing jams
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  12. AMC


    Matt and Kim always releasing fun tracks..

  13. tyramail

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    I’ve been noticing it more recently that new songs are being grouped together as they’re released.
  14. Not sure why, but this opening track is 100% screwing with all the expectations I had for what this group might sound like.
  15. redwing91007

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    Big day!

    Foals is a can't miss and JEW and FIL will be quick follows.
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  16. reachingfor

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    Ahhh thanks for listing Matthew Good. Had no idea he has a new single.
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  17. Does anyone else remember Fastball? They dropped a newby today, too
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  18. slickdtc

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    Where were they going without ever knowing the way
  19. ghostxvapor

    I will carry the weight

    I love the origin of the song
  20. Former Planets

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    Anyone can see.
  21. CMilliken


    Jimmy Eat World. No need for anything else.
  22. josh-

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    James eating our atmosphere
  23. Ska Senanake


    Fuck me this is good.
  24. Ska Senanake


    Neptune is a 10 minute banger. My goodness!
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  25. Spenny


    Jimmy Eat World, Caroline Polachek and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

    Will check out the Sainte EP and Måns Zelmerlöw's new LP too.