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Albums in Stores – Nov. 4th, 2016 • Page 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Zip It Chris

    That berg attacked us, war on the arctic! Supporter

    It absolutely is.
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  2. Orla

    right on!

    Honeyblood, Hundreds, and Sims—oh my!
  3. brphelps


    Waterparks Double Dare is a fun spin. Would also recommend checking out Badflower Temper EP
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  4. chewbacca110


    Can confirm it's great. A cool evolution in sound that's been in line with the full crews evolution.

    Me too! I'll be the 6'4 bearded glasses guy. There will probably 5 of us.
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  5. OpenIntro

    llama llama

    Attila dropped Chaos today too.
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  6. ianebaldwin

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  7. Today is Wolves at the Gate and nothing else.
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  8. MikeC18


    Choir Vandals put out a new split EP with Alcoa.
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  9. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Supporter

    Also really like the three new songs from The Fray on their best of album.
  10. ramomcferno

    Mystery is the secret ingredient Prestigious

    Stoked to check that out. I really like the title track.

    Such a great surprise. The full mixtape should be amazing!

    I have been loving Badflower ever since seeing them with Billy Talent a few months ago. I loved the song 'Drop Dead' and have been burning a hole on that track on the teaser EP that they gave out for free at the show. I am really glad I can play it on Spotify now.
  11. Hazelnutsack


    listen to this man
  12. Davjs


    What do you guys think of it so far? First few listens make me think this is a grower. Not a lot of pure heavy tracks, but I'm happy to have some new martial from these guys.
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  13. I love it! It might not dethrone VxV, which got me into the band, but I'm a huge fan of how melodic and dynamic it all is. I've always thought it was weird that they have a stand-alone screamer even when Stephen, the guitarist, carries so much of the songs. On this album, they share that weight a lot better, with so many overlapping vocal parts. It reminds me a lot of what The Receiving End of Sirens could have done if they were a heavier band. The two guys screaming around each other, or Stephen singing a harmony over Ben's screams, etc., all that stuff really seals the deal on this album for me. I just got my hands on a physical copy, though, so I'm very excited to finally dig into the lyrics.
  14. Davjs


    I got into these guys with their cover album (unpopular opinion is that the Thrice, Thursday and Blindside covers are better than the originals :-O ) and knew their own stuff had to be good. I listened through Captors and XvX at the same time, which I liked Captors more at first and slowly realized that XvX was a more solid album with not a bad song on it. Once I was familiar enough to pick out whose voice was who, I too remember thinking "well Steve can sing and scream, why even have the other guy" but after seeing them live, their screamer has so much passion and energy. I love him. Does Ben scream on the album or just live?
  15. Yeah, Ben's all over the album. They have very different screams, so they represent a wide range of sounds together. And yes, Ben makes a much better "frontman." I think his inclusion in the band is actually so that the band can have an outgoing frontman instead of Stephen. Stephen writes all the lyrics and basic song structures, so having a frontman helps put a barrier between him and the potential pride of being the face of the band. It shoves Stephen to the side of the stage, out of the spotlight. This is all just assumption, but I think it's a wise decision nonetheless.
  16. Davjs


    Oh no, I thought Ben was the bass player (I was asking if he screamed on the album because I know he does backing screams live). Sorry for the confusion! I agree with everything you said.
  17. Maybe I'm getting the names wrong?

    Yep. Just checked. Ben is the bassist, my apologies. And no, Ben isn't screaming on the record, just Stephen and Nick.
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  18. ianebaldwin

    I definitely love the direction they are going. Every album they push the envelope just a little bit more and do something they haven't done before.