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Albums in Stores – Nov. 20th, 2020 • Page 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 19, 2020 at 9:02 PM.

  1. Dog Fish

    soups up

    I thought I'd only end up with one punk album on my top 20 this year (20/20 vision)...but I think DIVE deserves a spot...
  2. swboyd

    defeat the christian right Prestigious

    Fuming Mouth
    Soft Kill
    I Am The Avalanche
    Fuck The Facts
    Killed Be Killed
    My Dying Bride
    Lie In Ruins
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  3. Busy week!

    Anna McClellan
    Blunt Razors
    Fuck the Facts
    Fuming Mouth
    I Am the Avalanche
    Jordan Reyes
    Killer Be Killed
    October and the Eyes
    Phoebe Bridgers
    Something For Kate
    The War On Drugs (Live)
  4. CampfireColorado


    i like it. i think. kinda has a killers vibe. maybe I am just happy to have new Juliana Theory.
  5. zachmacD


    Just finished the Lydia record and it’s...fine. I’ll have to give it another listen with headphones but everything outside of the singles sounds the same. his voice is pretty grating as well
  6. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    A few important releases for me today, so I'm waiting for some time with headphones, now I've started with something less expected while still at work, and ManDancing is awesome so far (just randomly chose them from the recommendations, first time hearing their music).

    pg.lost definitely peaks my interest, also Seahaven, IATA, Lydia.

    Already listened to that Phoebe Bridgers EP around midnight yesterday when it went up, as well as Refused EP, before going to bed hahh
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  7. Wynuride

    Newbie Supporter

    The War on Drugs - Live Drugs

    Absolutely incredible!
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  8. Jonathan J Gregg


    I've got my eye on that Silverstein record. This is a pretty sweet list I wonder if my local record store will be carrying any of these.
  9. ghostxvapor

    I will carry the weight

    Love Again has a new EP out. I think a few folks on here would enjoy it
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  10. Amanda Aguilar

    Los Angeles

    Not too much going on for me this week

    Seahaven - Halo of Hurt
    Kali Uchis- Sin Miedo
    Megan Thee Stallion - Good News
    Phoebe Bridgers EP

    didn’t see it mentioned last week, maybe I missed it but the new Somerset Thrower came out last week, I dig it.
  11. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    It was mentioned in the last post last week I'm sure, I still got it by chance and now I do recommend checking that album out as well.

    Seahaven is coming up next on my headphones!
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  12. They technically released earlier this week, but I've really been enjoying the new EPs (mini-albums?) from Bilmuri and Dirty Loops.

    Also, totally unrelated, but Usher's Here I Stand still slaps.
  13. xenoabe


    Seahaven has been the standout for me today.
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  14. SoCoWilderNeSs

    Regular Supporter

    I saw Julianna Theory live in NYC opening for Cory Wells and TSC and while the other artists were phenomenal, the performance by Julianna Theory was probably the worst live show set I've ever experienced and I say this with no hate in my heart for the band. I rip out old Julianna Theory records every year when the weather starts to get colder in fall.
  15. acr05001


    The new Lydia is a good soundtrack for a night time drive in the fall/summer. I don't know that it will be much more than that for me. Some decent tracks but this is the first album of theirs that I haven't been in love with. Feels more like a mixtape rather than a cohesive album.
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  16. acr05001


    RIGHT!!??? Takes me back to their self-titled! Loving it!
  17. acr05001


    I want to so bad, but I am having a hard time getting into this right now.
  18. zachmacD


    I didn't love it at first but it's grown on me over the weekend. We'll see how often I return to it though. I will say I'm enjoying it a lot more than Liquor
  19. acr05001


    I actually really enjoy Liquor. Based on most of the posts I've seen I may be one of very few who feel that way. Call me crazy but I think it's the best record they have put out since Illuminate. I know the songs are a bit repetitive but I enjoy the beats and the poppiness
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  20. zachmacD


    I agree with everything you said. I think his voice, the music, and just the vibe of the record are all awesome. Personally, I just can't get past the lyrics.

    Did you like Run Wild? My fiancée and I listen to that vinyl pretty regularly in the winter months and she's really enjoying the new record as well.