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Albums in Stores – June 10th, 2016

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Micah511

    We reach for the longest shadow Supporter

    Letlive, Deer Leap, and Empty Houses for me. I thought the Secret Space album came out this week but I guess it's next week.
  3. elemenohpe

    Irregular Prestigious

    Glaring omission of the week: letlive. - If I'm The Devil
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  4. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Also missing the new Temper Trap album, and Kaleo - A/B.

    I'll probably check out 7 or 8 albums today. Nothing I'm dying to listen to, but plenty I'll listen to. Band of Horses, Fitz and the Tantrums, Kaleo, Peter Bjorn and John, The Temper Trap, Tom Odell, Garbage, and Catfish and the Bottlemen (on Spotify today).

    The Diarrhea Planet album was also ok.
  5. amnigo

    Newbie Supporter

    Very surprised this wasn't listed.
  6. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

    I checked out Diarrhea Planet based on the name alone. Pretty solid.

    Also letlive. really brought it.
  7. bertbro


    Jon Bellion - The Human Condition. Easily one of the best pop albums of the year. This guy is completely changing the game and the "loose" production-style he has is a game changer.
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  8. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    secret space rips
  9. Wes


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  10. Micah511

    We reach for the longest shadow Supporter

  11. goation


    It's listed under the Jun. 17th releases for whatever reason.
  12. Jim186


    Somehow, this site has never seemed to notice the underground buzz that Jon Bellion has been creating in the music industry over the last few years. If you're reading this, go listen to his new album "The Human Condition" which dropped today. It's everything.
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  13. SweetThye


    Thanks for the head's up on Catfish and the Bottlemen. Really excited to hear that, Kaleo, Band of Horses and letlive.
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  14. SweetThye


    Also... Radiohead's BEST album, In Rainbows, has been added to Spotify.
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  15. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    nope just heard the 4 songs they released on spotify.

    i like their sound. I think this will be a great album
  16. lolfpcmlol


    I am so disappointed with the LetLive album. I have not been this let down with an album in a long long time. His voice went from being one of my favorites to unbearable on a lot of these tracks. Whiny almost off pitch vocals, lame on the nose lyrics and dull song writing. No punch or power to the majority of the songs and the album is all over the place genre wise. A big experimental mess.
  17. bertbro


    I've been talking this guy up on here since the Definition came out!!! It's only a matter of time my dude.
  18. Steve_JustAGuy


    Really enjoying Band of Horses. Probably will listen multiple times today ha.
  19. Micah511

    We reach for the longest shadow Supporter

    I haven't given this a full listen yet, but yeah, what the heck happened? First found out about Letlive through his appearance on the PTV song, loved his voice. He sounds off pitch and nasally a lot on what I've listened to.
  20. Buscemi knows best

    You owe me a Sausage McMuffin

    I mean, letlive sponsored the site this week...
  21. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Prestigious

    band of horses-"why are you ok"
    diarrhea planet-"turn to gold"
    letlive.-"if i'm the devil..."

    blink-182-"rabbit hole"
    red hot chili peppers-"we turn red"
    sleigh bells-"rule number one"
  22. bloodinthesand


    New Letlive is incredible as well as the new band of horses
  23. smoke4thecaper

    out of context reference Supporter

    Diarrhea Planet isn't too bad actually. Wasn't sure what I'd be getting with that name. Turns out they make nice music.
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  24. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    this one
  25. JM95


    Really like that Garbage album.
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