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  1. Steve_JustAGuy


    Jonas Brothers and Future for me. Maybe Peter Frampton.

    Also, new single from The Darcy's.
  2. tyramail Jun 7, 2019
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    John Floreani. New single by Billy Raffoul.
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  3. xenoabe


    Good rec on Comrades!
  4. TDenverFan


    John Floreani (Trophy Eyes singer) - Sin

  5. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    The Movement’s new album is killer!

    Reggae doesn’t get the love it needs on :(
  6. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Never did I think I would see the Jonas Brothers and Cave In mentioned in the same sentence ever but here we are...
  7. MattNCheeze


    Dirty Nil single
  8. whyte39


    Every now again the comments section produces gold. This is one of those times. Really enjoying this.
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  9. paperlung

    sit down be humble Supporter

    chon is fire
  10. xenoabe


    Wow. Never heard of her before today. Seems like a perfect mix of Sia and Björk.
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  11. Amanda Aguilar

    Los Angeles

    As Cities Burn
    Silversun Pickups
  12. Only because I’m very proud of it, I released this this week after finishing them up for the Chorus short songs comp.
  13. estebanwaseaten


    timmy heidecker
  14. Jfletch


    Props to @alexjlow for the Lukas Nelson rec and @tyramail for reminding me about John Floreani. Other stuff for me today:
    Motionless in White
    Heartist EP
    Jonas Brothers
    Upon A Burning Body
    Feel like I have to check out Aurora after everyone else now lol

    Bad Books
    K Flay
    The Academy Is?
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  15. Bobby


    Hell or High Water took a while to settle in for me so I'm definitely gonna be patient with this one. But yeah, just glad it exists.
  16. crunchprank Prestigious

    Dang, really disappointed with that Cave In. Shoot.
  17. Youarcade

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    new Yohuna!
  18. Buscemi knows best

    You owe me a Sausage McMuffin

    Silversun Pickups all day.
  19. slickdtc Jun 8, 2019
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    Got a good recommendation thanks to the fine folks spinning tunes at :

    Get Your Head Straight - Contrast

    UK pop punk.

    And got around to the new Comrades. Oh man, some absolutely thrilling moments on this. Might not be an everyday listen but it’ll be a helluva experience when I do throw it on.
  20. Bayside 182

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    If you like Reggae the new The Movement album is stellar!!! Great summer vibes!
  21. somethingliketj

    And that's why you always leave a note.

    I got a little bit of Imogen Heap as well. Great record!
  22. sayitaintjoe


    This Cave In record is seriously brilliant. Please buy physical if you can for this one. :heart:
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