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Albums in Stores – Jul. 2nd, 2021

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 1, 2021.

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  2. This is an exciting one for me. An older EP is making its streaming debut, and it's possibly the project that my brother and I look back upon with the most pride. It's five songs with him on vocals and drums and me covering all the guitars, and although some years have gone by, we're still ridiculously proud of what we made. For fans of streamlined, poppier versions of Thrice, Dear Hunter, Gatsbys American Dream, Finch, Lorene Drive, etc.

    Hint: Check the 2nd track if you like duets -- and just listen to tracks 1/3/5 if you only want the /cough/ "bangers."
  3. ballroomtrance


    Not sure why the last record and the newest singles haven’t clicked for me, but I’m going to give The Maine’s xoxo a shot. My favorite record of theirs is Pioneer by a mile, and I really enjoyed American Candy too. Would love to be able to enjoy the new stuff as much as I want to but none of the singles have gripped me!
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  4. irthesteve

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    Laura Mvula album is great

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  5. helloiamzach Jul 2, 2021
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    At The Gates
    Born Of Osiris
    Lord Of The Lost
    Nick Oliveri
    Onslow (Make Them Suffer side-project)
    You Me At Six

    Blood Youth
    Capstan (feat. Shane Told)
    Eighteen Visions
    The Five Hundred
    God Damn
    I Feel Fine
    Jonny Craig
    Lil Lotus
    Mod Sun
    North Atlas
    Once Human (feat. Rob Flynn)
    One Step Closer
    Signs Of The Swarm
    Snake Eyes
    Telle Smith (The Word Alive)
    You, Me, And Everyone We Know
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  6. Well you’ll have to wait another week to find out — release date is the 9th ;-)
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  7. slickdtc

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    Phrenia - rock
    Romantic Machines EP - poppy rock
    Born of Osiris - metalcore

    Capstan with Shane Told - pop punk/post hardcore. They’ve danced around genres on these singles, this one is a certified ripper.
    Settle Your Scores - easycore
    Blood Youth - metalcore/melodic hardcore
    Descendents - punk rock
    Eidola - prog rock
    Noise Brigade with Sad Giants (Sum 41 cover) - rock
    Honey Creek - pop punk
    Heather Grey - pop punk
    Eighteen Visions - post hardcore
    Mirrelia - math/prog rock
    Cleveland Avenue - easycore
    Headspace - pop punk
    Shangrila - rock
    Wring Out - pop punk/easycore
    Those Without - pop punk
    One Step Closer - melodic hardcore
    Up from Here - pop punk
    The Dead Love - “shitty grunge” but I’d call them more punky pop punk
    glass beach (My Chemical Romance cover) - emo
    Colorblind - post hardcore
    Vaines - pop rock
    I Met a Yeti with Pulses. - groovy post hardcore
    Brigands - punk rock
    Scale the Summit - prog rock

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  8. bachna84

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  9. TriangularDuck

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    Bigger Better Sun - Adjust to Wellness (RIYL Oso Oso)

  10. Mort Michaels

    party over here, i’ll be over there

    Loving the Jxdn album.
  11. bradsonemanband

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  12. Bartek T.

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    A quite elaborate debut LP by an awesome band Adjy just came out on Triple Crown as well (sounds like a mix of Anathallo, The Dear Hunter, and Say Anything or something)

  13. slickdtc

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    That Oso Oso RIYL is 100% on point. Is there a connection between them? Singer sounds similar.

    Gave this a glimpse and will be trying to work through the whole thing over the weekend, I liked what i heard. The Dear Hunter seems apt, especially considering it’s a concept style album.

    Great recs so far.
  14. bradsonemanband

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    this jxdn album has a couple cool songs on it. but it sounds a little too similar to MGK. the KennyHoopla EP has been my favorite Travis-produced thing so far.
  15. Fletchaaa

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    Just Adjy for me today.
  16. serotonin

    who told you this room exists?

    Really digging the Tanner Merritt album.
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  17. bradsonemanband

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  18. crunchprank Prestigious

    Saw melodic hardcore and had to give them a try. Loving this single. Will need to check out the rest of their discography.
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  19. Never thought I'd become a fan of this band, but I was really wowed by the new Born of Osiris album. Really enjoyable.

    Excited to check out adjy
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  20. estebanwaseaten


    The Tanner Merritt album is dark and beautiful. A perfect album for a gloomy day.
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  21. KneeDeepPow


    Lots of cool stuff happening under the hardcore umbrella right now, One Step Closer is going on tour with DARE, Drain, and Terror in the fall which is a stacked lineup.
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  22. You Me at Six deluxe
    Saint Motel (missed this last week)
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  23. Brent

    Destroy What You Create Prestigious

    a week early.
  24. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Clean Cut Kid (British indie pop) and adjy are on my list today
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  25. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

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