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  1. Ellite25


    I hadn’t heard of Beach Bunny before this thread but I’m really digging this album.
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    Honestly, same. This album is pressing all the right buttons.
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    It’s not though.
  4. Former Planets

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    New Tame Impala album is awesome! It’s a shame Bieber’s album came out today, TI would’ve got the #1 spot if not
  6. Hollywood Undead have been on such a fascinating trajectory ever since Danny from Lorene Drive joined them. They've basically been getting better (and more interesting) ever since, with a handful of super enjoyable gems on each album, but they also still refuse to grow up from the gross, white-guy party-rap that they first started with. It's almost, I repeat ... "almost" endearing... but it's often more along the lines of, "I'm enduring this rap verse so I can hear Danny sing the chorus again."
  7. See my last comment :kiss:
  8. Chase Tremaine Feb 14, 2020
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    I haven't listened yet, so I don't know how the quality is, but I just discovered this new release -- an indie compilation of artists covering Thrice songs:

    Edit: A few minor misfires aside, these are surprisingly fantastic.
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  9. Preserved Moose

    Gritty pre-Computer Days

    Absolutely love this. Someone posted "Sure" on here last year and I played it to death. So good!
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  10. After being in the minority for not loving Currents, I was really pleasantly blown away by The Slow Rush.

    Listening to Beach Bunny now and sincerely loving it.

    Stayed up late last night to listen to Bieber as soon as it appeared online, and it was a mega disappointment. It's basically one decent song, repeated 15 times. There are few hooks that bite, and only the final 3-4 tracks bring in some stylistic variance. Even then, the best ideas rarely feel like they were fleshed out to their potential, which is represented by nearly every track clocking in at under 3 minutes.
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  13. slickdtc

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    Some of these are absolutely fuckin’ sick. Great find!
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