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Albums in Stores – Dec. 21st, 2018

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 21, 2018.

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    Ahh, yes, the end of the year … and a very slow release date. There is a new Reel Big Fish album. If you hit read more you can see all the releases we have in our calendar for the week. Hit the quote bubble to access our forums and talk about what came out today, what albums you picked up, and to make mention of anything we may have missed.

    Baseball Gregg – Gifts
    Reel Big Fish – Life Sucks…Let’s Dance
    The CIA – The CIA

  2. Honeymagnolia

    Regular Supporter

    Reel Big Fish is very good. Great as usual. Lots of great lines.

    Other than that not a lot today. Flor have a new single out on Fueled by Ramen.

    Not into 21 Savage.
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  3. noKings


    New DESSA. Live song. Just noticed audiotree versions are out too.

    DOOMTREE crew.
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  4. theasteriskera

    Regular Supporter

    Singles from Wale, 6lack, While She Sleeps, The Gospel Youth, Sam Smith, Hailee Seinfeld, Kenny O'Brien & the O'Douls, Eternal Boy, The Raconteurs, Cigarettes After Sex, Ariana Grande, Alice Glass

    Aside from Reel Big Fish I haven't seen any albums I want to listen to today. Are 21 Savage, Kodak Black or A Boogie Wit da Hoodie worthwile??

    I like that December slows down, kinda forces me to review my favorite stuff from the year
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  5. tyramail

    Trusted Supporter

    A boogie wit da hoodie!
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  6. ioev

    I'm a kid I'm a squid

    Mew has a live album out today with the Copenhagen Philharmonic.
  7. Actually came out last week (at least digitally), but dear goodness is it incredible.
  8. alkalinexandy

    Trusted Supporter

    Really surprised at how much I'm enjoying the new Reel Big Fish record. Lyrically, it's much easier to reckon with than the last few which probably helps a bit.
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  9. Ska Senanake


    But those Cole and Gambino features are fire.
  10. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    reel big fish is skatastic
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  11. Amanda A.

    Los Angeles Supporter

    Will check out Reel Big Fish for nostalgia reasons and probably 21 Savage. Other than that, the past three weeks have just been getting through end of the year lists. Always fun to revisit albums and discover new artists or albums I might have missed.
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  12. CampfireColorado


    So glad Reel Big Fish are still skankin away! It's good!
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  13. CyberInferno

    Line below my username Supporter

    I agree. This is just a really fun album. It feels less “forced” than some their other releases. I really felt like they were trying too hard before rather than just doing what they do best.
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  14. HueyLewis


    New Reel Big Fish record is probably their best since “Why Do They Rock So Hard?” Kinda cool to get new RBF and Bosstones in 2018.
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