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Albums in Stores – Aug. 9th, 2019

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Ska Senanake


    Bon Iver baby! Also going to have to give fatboi Ricky Ross a spin.
  3. Orla

    right on! Prestigious

    Marika Hackman – Any Human Friend

    Also jamming the new singles from Jackie Beverly, Mallrat, and Montaigne.
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  4. DutchDynamite

    Don't live your life like a sad country song

    Slipknot will be my jam today
  5. DaveDalva

    Representing the 514

    Strung Out, Strung Out and Strung Out.
  6. alexjlow


    Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
    Bon Iver - i,i

    Kip Moore
    Zac Brown Band
    Lady Antebellum
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  7. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    Patent Pending single is out now
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  8. dotKev


    'Knot all day.
  9. Micah511

    You wanted a flower, but turned out a weed

    Slipknot, Bon Iver, and Touché Amore for me today.
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  10. xenoabe


    Pete Yorn
    Dirty Heads

    Will also check out Bon Iver and Ra Ra Riot
  11. tyramail

    Trusted Supporter

    Cedar Green, Infinity Crush, and embarrassingly Dame DOLLA.
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  12. CMilliken


    Touché Amoré is fantastic! Will check out Bon Iver later.

    Singles from both The Early November and Tiny Moving Parts are great.
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  13. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    Bon Iver and Slipknot for sure. I might check out Strung Out and Why? too.
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  14. halowithascrewloose

    Newbie Supporter

    Very into the new Marika Hackman release. If you’re a fan of The Japanese House, Julia Jacklin, or Lucy Dacus even, I highly recommend checking it out.

    On polar end, I will be jamming re-recorded Touché release ( I love when bands do this ).

    New Early November single is fantastic and gave me some feels and a nice DCFC vibe.
  15. Albe Aug 9, 2019
    (Last edited: Aug 9, 2019)


    Bon Iver, Touche, Josh Garrels

    Edit: didn’t know why? released a new one day, will definitely give it a jingle
  16. Steve_JustAGuy


    Slipknot, Rick Ross and Ra Ra Riot for me. Listened to Bon Iver yesterday, so I'll have to jump back in to that as well.
  17. theasteriskera

    Regular Supporter

    Singles: The Early November, Tiny Moving Parts, Grayscale, Northbound, nothing nowhere & travis barker (not enough people are talking about that collab), T-Pain ft G-Eazy, BROCKHAMPTON, Cautious Clay, Ruel, Louis the Child, Microwave, Patent Pending, Katy Perry, Alessia Cara, Lana del Rey, SiR ft Kendrick Lamar

    Strung Out
    Touche Amore
    Tori Kelly

    Happily taking all the suggestions today! This will only last me til lunch
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  18. swboyd

    ancient chivalry is doomed Prestigious

    Touche Amore
    Strung Out
    The Contortionist
  19. Freezon


    Zombie apocalypse has a new album out today (members of Shai Hulud)
  20. HalfHearted


    Strung Out is so good.
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  21. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    It's so good.

    Hope they announce a new album or something
  22. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Bon Iver
    Marika Hackman
    The Regrettes
    Ra Ra Riot
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  23. xenoabe


    Also recommend Wilder Woods (Bear Rineheart from NEEDTOBREATHE)
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  24. crunchprank Prestigious

    Two new great songs from Chastity Belt. RIYL Cayetana, Anika Pyle, Girlpool, etc.

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  25. reachingfor

    Regular Supporter

    Ahh so glad you mentioned Pete Yorn! Had no idea he had a new album out today.