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Albums in Stores – Aug. 13th, 2021

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 12, 2021.

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  2. bradsonemanband

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  3. Penlab


    Albums on my radar from this list include The Killers, Quicksand, and Trash Boat.

    Ones not on this list include Afterlife (alt-metal), Blacktop Mojo (hard rock), Caskets (post-hardcore), and a solo album from Keith Wallen, former vocalist of Copper and current guitarist for Breaking Benjamin. And an EP from From Ashes To New (alt-metal).
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  4. xapplexpiex

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    Meet Me @ the Altar
  5. ItsAndrew

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    If you like folk rock/indie folk/Americana/singer-songwriter I highly recommend Jade Bird's sophomore album. It's very good.

  6. Jason


    Every song on their EP slaps. So glad this website introduced me to this band.
  7. Amanda A.

    Los Angeles Supporter

    A Great Pig Pile Of Leaves - Pono
    alexalone - ALEXALONEWORLD
    Jade Bird - Different Kinds Of Light
    JUNGLE - Loving In Stereo
    Pet Symmetry - Future Suits
    Quicksand - Distant Populations
    Trash Boat - Don't You Feel Amazing?
    Wednesday - Twin Plagues

    Singles: thrice, turnstile, A Will Away, Courtney Barnett, We We're Promised Jetpacks, Cherry Glazerr, Washed Out, Lizzo & Cardi B, Still Woozy
  8. angrycandy

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  9. Pepetito

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    A great big pile of leaves
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  10. Donnie Ruth

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    The Killers
    A Great Big Pile of Leaves
    Meet Me @ The Altar EP
  11. xenoabe


    Watchhouse (formerly Mandolin Orange)
    Trash Boat
    A Great Big Pile of Leaves
    Spirit Breaker
    Meet Me @ The Altar
  12. slickdtc

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    Trash Boat - rock
    Eidola EP - prog rock
    Big Time - rock/pop punk
    Spirit Breaker - metalcore
    Meet Me @ The Altar EP - pop punk
    Midfield EP - pop punk

    A Will Away - emo rock
    Thrice - rock
    Super American - pop punk
    I Fight Dragons - 8-bit pop punk
    Dragged Under with Spencer Chamberlain - melodic hardcore/pop punk
    Lilac Kings - emo rock
    Run the Jewels with Pharrell and Zach de la Rocha - hip hop
    Nominee - pop punk
    Fluorescents - pop punk
    Andres - pop rock
    This Wild Life - emo rock
    Adventure Club with Dayseeker - electronic with featured vocalist
    Sincere Engineer - pop punk
    Isotopes - post hardcore
    Bouquet - post rock/post hardcore
    Classic Jack - post hardcore
    Never Coming Home - pop punk
    Johari - post hardcore/heavy djent
    Bad Year - pop punk
    Of Allies - rock
    Dead Friends - melodic hardcore/rock
    The Crease Rule - pop punk
    Cheridomingo - emo rock
    Riverview - pop punk

  13. theasteriskera

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    Singles: Chelsea Cutler, A Will Away, Super American, You Me & Everyone We Know, Ludacris, Lizzo ft Cardi B


    blackbear EP
    Pet Symmetry
    Trash Boat
    The Killers
    Meet Me @ The Altar EP
  14. bradsonemanband

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    The Starting Line's livestreams are up on Spotify now too. At least Direction and BOATS is.
  15. Oviedotiger


    Like the narrowcast. EP (Joe from Transit's new project)
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  16. paythetab

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    M.A.G.S. - Say Things That Matter is really going to blow people away. I'm also checking out the new Killers album Pressure Machine and then Meet Me @ The Altar is finally heeeeere!
  17. sowrongitsryan


    I thought nothing of Trash Boat until their new songs came out - very hyped for this release.
  18. xenoabe


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  19. xapplexpiex

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    I didn’t realize new Slaughter to Prevail album is today.
  20. CampfireColorado


    Thank you!
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  21. Amanda A.

    Los Angeles Supporter

    Thanks for the heads up! These were so fun to watch. The nostalgia was REAL.
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  22. mattav152

    Underwater Boi

    Stacked day for me:

    A Great Big Pile of Leaves
    Trash Boat
    Jade Bird
    Oscar Lang
    Tennis System
    Hate Club
    The Killers
    If I Die First

    ...and I'm sure I'll find more
  23. HatingEveryMinute

    2005 OMEA runner up in triangle solo

    If you’re looking for some nostalgia scenecore, the new If I die first EP is great.
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  24. swboyd

    ancient chivalry is doomed Prestigious

    Chain Cult
    Oxygen Tank
    Eyes of Perdition
    Under Attack
    A Great Big Pile of Leaves
    Pet Symmetry
    Imperial Slaughter
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  25. KneeDeepPow


    Came here to say this, looking forward to hearing it. I really enjoy their sound, The Ones Who Fell Through is such a great song.

    A Great Big Pile of Leaves (can't believe it's been 8 years since their last release)
    Pet Symmetry
    Meet Me @ The Alter
    If I Die First

    Crooked Teeth
    Day Wave
    You, Me, And Everyone We Know