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Albums in Stores – Apr. 21st, 2017

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. chuwaay


    While She Sleeps all day!
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  3. elemenohpe

    Irregular Prestigious

    Artificial Brain
    Ghost Bath
    In Death...
    Nothing Left
    Pale King
    Uneven Structure
    Vomit Remnants
    While She Sleeps
  4. Cody Butler


    Smaller release day than the last few, which is good. Gives me some time to go back and catch up.

    Incubus - 8
    Spaceface - Sun Kids
    While She Sleeps - You Are We

    Anything I'm missing?
  5. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Overcoats' new album is wonderful. RIYL: The Staves, Joseph, etc

    COIN and Charly Bliss are also on my list to listen to today
  6. SEANoftheDEAD


    Diving into Coin's new album now. Really high hopes for this record and I can definitely see these guys blowing up soon.
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  7. xenoabe


    It's a perfect summer album.
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  8. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    real life buildings has the singers of crying and vagabon in the band, really great record

    also charly bliss
  9. Today is all about While She Sleeps and Barry Manilow for me.


    I'm a complex human.
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  10. New COIN?!?! I loved the Charly Bliss album, although it took a song or two for me to get used to the singer's voice.
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  11. FrankieThe4th Apr 21, 2017
    (Last edited: Jun 13, 2017)

    things have never been stranger Prestigious

    How did a new Have Mercy record fly so far under the radar?

    EDIT: Because everyone but the singer left the band and the new album is straight trash.
  12. xenoabe


    I like it much better than their last effort.
  13. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    Have Mercy, Incubus and While She Sleeps on the docket.
  14. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    Real Life Buildings
    Charly Bliss
    Ghost Bath

    Nothing else this week I really have to check out.
  15. SPine


    Digging Coin. Will be seeing their set at Roo
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  16. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

  17. MegT585


    Incubus and Have Mercy for me today. Although I am not overly enjoying either one to be completely honest.
  18. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    Have Mercy wasn't anything special for me, doubt I'll be revisiting it.
  19. CMilliken


    Really enjoying the Have Mercy album. Really the only thing out for me today.
  20. I enjoyed Have Mercy, at least much more than the last record. Still not as good as the first record.

    Also checking out:
    The Winter Passing
    While She Sleeps

    and because you guys threw out these names so much even though I've never heard of them:
    Real Life Buildings
    Charly Bliss
  21. Mizza


    Woods- Love is Love is great. Have Mercy is a bore. 1st album: "Man, I love how he can transition from singing to that screamy throaty voice so naturally, shows emotion. Now: Dude, we get it, you don't have to do it every verse of every song. Relax.
  22. Kuri44


    New blackbear album is pretty dope
  23. Orla

    little old lady Prestigious

    Charly Bliss & Overcoats
  24. Saephon


    First impressions of Have Mercy: much like their 2nd album, half of it is great and half of it is forgettable. A lot of the songs sound the same, but the ones that stand out are quite good. It's too bad they won't ever top The Earth Pushed Back, especially now that we know that all of the other band members left. They just had something special on that record that hasn't been replicated since.
  25. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    There's something about While She Sleeps that has made them super hard to get into for me. I've tried many times and while the new record is good, it's just not drawing me in.