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    I was asking about how was the show not vip
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    You just phraaed it weird, lol.

    The show was absolutely great. The crowd was a little dead, but the people with me up front and center were bouncing around and having the time of our lives. Chrissy was great & funny, and Dan abaolutely killed it. The lights were really pretty too. The only weird thing to me was Chrissy seemed pretty disengaged from the audience and was looking at the ceiling and the windows of the venue, but that's probably just me. They sounded so good.

    Chapel also were fantastic. Carter is too pure for this world, lol, he was trying so hard to get people into it, and half the crowd wasn't into it at all for some reason. I can confirm the new songs are great.

    GucciHighWaters was ok I guess. All his songs sounded like they were about the same breakup and the same drugs, and he kept on saying "My name is Gucci Highwater" and I was like "that's not your name"(in my head though, not out loud). He also got offended when people stopped waving their hands back and forth. Believe it or not, a few people left as soon as he left the stage, lmao.
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    They’re unreal when you compare them to Sunday brunch! It’s hard to describe the new songs to people! I’ve heard a lot of the turn outs have been really bad which could be another reason people weren’t into them!
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    Since this is over did anyone else catch the tour?