Against Me! - Shape Shift With Me (September 16, 2016) Album

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  1. Contender Jul 18, 2016
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    Goodness is Nowhere

    1 “ProVision L-3″
    2 “12:03″
    3 “Boyfriend”
    4 “Crash”
    5 “Delicate, Petite & Other Things I’ll Never Be”
    6 “333”
    7 “Haunting, Haunted, Haunts”
    8 “Dead Rats”
    9 “Rebecca”
    10 “Norse Truth”
    11 “Suicide Bomber”
    12 “All This (And More)”

    Against Me! – “333”
  2. Zac Djamoos

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    Fuck yeah
  3. Onlyadirector

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    Oh baby this is great
  4. FTank

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  5. tucah

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    Oh fuck yes
  6. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere

    Preorders are up too on their website.

    Against Me!
  7. jordalsh Prestigious

  8. ParenthesesLive

  9. devenstonow


    Not a fan of the cover; song's good.

    I REALLY like the shirt/slipmat art though.
  10. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I really like the title
  11. smoke4thecaper

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    Everything about this makes me so so happy! Getting it sooner than expected too (I was guessing late October)!
  12. jordalsh Prestigious

    I love this band so much
  13. brandon_260

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    Last album was amazing, high hopes for this one.
  14. irthesteve

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    Cool song, super excited for the record
  15. ragnarokstar


    I added this on Apple Music and it is letting me play Crash also. Sounds pretty awesome.
  16. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere

    Thanks for the heads up on that. It's letting me play Crash too.
  17. xmilesross


    I can't seem to play 'Crash.' Bummer! I hope it's good!
  18. Osceola13

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    Ridiculously excited for this and can't wait to hear the album version of Boyfriend. On the last tour I saw them play 5 new songs which are listed for this album and that one was easily my favorite.
  19. CoffeeEyes17

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    Great rock n roll song. AOTY potential in this one.

    Hot take: this band gets better with every album
  20. inwaves

    Is This Thing Cursed?

    Can't wait! This year has been too good for music.
  21. selfreliable


    I'm getting a big Gaslight vibe on the opening riff and it pops up throughout the song. Trying to not get too excited for this as I didnt like New Wave and hated White Crosses, but Transgender was just as good as the old stuff.
  22. Zac Djamoos

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    Man white crosses is still my favorite against me album
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  23. RobbieBerns

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    Someone's gotta put a space after the hyphen in the thread title
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  24. Laura

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    Yes! This'll make the tour with BR that much better.
  25. inwaves

    Is This Thing Cursed?

    New Wave was my first AM! record, so I'm always going to be partial to it, but TDB is probably my favorite overall.