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After #MeToo: Accusers of R. Kelly, Jesse Lacey, and More on Enduring Fan Harrassment

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 14, 2018.

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    Andy Cush, writing at Spin:

    Martina believes that artists can help survivors by publicly supporting their claims, especially those in tight-knit communities such as the emo and goth scenes, and those who have collaborated with figures like Control in the past. “Silence is very, very powerful. When someone they’ve worked with and are promoting to their followers turns out to be an abuser, they have a responsibility to warn the young women who follow them and not stay silent,” she said.

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  2. carlosonthedrums

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    "He said that he hoped that someone would shoot me,” she said of the sender, who she believed was an angry fan of Manson and Ramirez. “And he hoped that someone would rape my dead body again.”

    We truly are the lowest version of the human race that could've existed. I don't understand how anyone walks through this earth thinking it's acceptable to say to another person.
  3. Jesse West

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    I'm feeling pretty murderous after reading the comment section. NEVER READ THE COMMENTS.
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  4. Jonathan

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    It's practically the first and second rule of fight club at this point, I've learned.
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  5. personalmaps

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    The comments are an absolute garbage fire. I can't imagine that anyone thinks this is the kind of "fame" a woman wants. It's not fun, it's not like they're getting job offers or money- some of these women are literally in hiding. Having experienced the tiniest fraction of harassment from fans of bands that don't like what I say about their faves, I can't imagine trying to live my life through years and years of targeted hate. The members of Brand New in particular need to step the fuck up and tell their crazy fans to leave Jesse's victims alone. It's absurd that we've gotten this far without a single word from any of them about any of it.
  6. Jesse West

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    It makes me shake to think about what cowards they are.

    They want thier privacy, but the result of thier privacy is that someone gets harassed and sent death threats probably daily. It's disgusting and beyond forgiveness at this point. It's abundantly clear that they don't care at all.
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  7. Dog Fish

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    post this to /r/bn and see what happens
  8. KyleK

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    Completely agree. And I'm sorry, you forfeit entitlement to privacy when you made your career out of fame. Or I should say (because more broadly speaking, yes, celebrities should have their privacy respected), in an instance like this where your fame resulted in victims, you absolutely must hold yourselves accountable and deal with the problem.
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  9. personalmaps

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    It would be so simple for them to make a statement like "We were just as shocked and upset by the allegations against our bandmate as everyone else. We hope that the women involved find peace and ask that our fans refrain from sending them messages or otherwise impeding their ability to live their day-to day life." 2 sentences and it took me like 2 seconds to write. No legal implications, no victim blaming, etc. They're cowards and by not saying anything, they are setting up to make a killing on a comeback tour I'm sure.
  10. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Honestly just fuck Jesse Lacey and fuck his little cult. Brand New are dead and should stay fucking dead, and the awful fans should just crawl into a hole and stay there.
  11. (Websites that run this stuff should police their comments better imo as well.)
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  12. KyleK

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    I'd go a step further and just wish that more websites would remove comment sections. Though I understand why for the purposes of making a website feasible they have them.
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