AFI Tease “O-” on Spotify

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    AFI have posted up a 43 second song called “O-” on Spotify. A fan has also reversed it and posted the outcome on YouTube. I’m hearing a new album is coming by the end of the year, on label we all like.

  2. js977

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    thats very exciting
  3. Colby Searcy

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    Bad Timing or Hopeless?
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  5. Anthony_

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    Wouldn't surprise me if it's Hopeless. Seems like they're trying to consolidate all the so-called "elder statesmen" bands these days (Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Sum 41, The Used).
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  6. abusedcat

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    I'd be more inclined to think Epitaph than Hopeless personally. I feel like Brett would be the go-to guy for these guys.
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  7. Michael Schmidt

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    I kind of hope it's not Hopeless because I haven't felt like they have really pushed these releases much. Perhaps the bands have specific deals, but it sort of defeats the purpose in my eyes. I'm pulling for Epitaph and a tour with ETID.
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  8. Hunter Norman


    It's hopeless. Should be a single on the 28th at midnight.
  9. Michael Schmidt

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    Hopefully they market this one more than some of these other records.

    Is there an upload of the song for non-Spotify dorks?
  10. Yellowcard2006


    Wow this is a quick announcement to release schedule then.
  11. Michael Schmidt

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    Has anyone made out the words before the following:
    "Follow me into this room. Promise me you'll keep your eyes closed. I can't let you see me sleeping"?
  12. Dirty Sanchez

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    On the last news post, Jason said something like "it's not hopeless to believe in new music this year" ;-p
  13. Colby Searcy

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    I read that part and didn't even catch that. Nice one!
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  14. aniafc


    Only so much you can do with bands that are older and everyone already knows who they are. People who intently follow TBS, Sum 41, NFG, etc., are going to follow them no matter what label they are on. Then you have people -- most people -- who know of them and just couldn't care less about new material from band's who wrote their favorite record 10+ years ago.

    People will fall in love with new music and new bands, but will hardly re-fall in love with bands that have been around as long as those bands.
  15. JamesMichael

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    Thing is with 'older' bands for me that I loved in my teens I generally see their new album pop up via YouTube or something and then it makes me fall in love with their discography again. So basically fuels a huge nostalgia trip!
  16. Drew Beringer

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    hopeless or epitaph but I'm guessing the former
  17. Dirty Sanchez

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  18. Anthony_

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  19. sophos34 Supporter

    i dont like hopeless
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  20. Colby Searcy

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    Any particular reason why?
  21. sophos34 Supporter

    maybe its just me but it feels like their bands that arent all time low get the short end of the stick
  22. Colby Searcy

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    Gotcha. I feel like you're right when it comes to marketing and REALLY pushing something heavily. I've always felt like that's was maybe the bands doing though? Like Hopeless did their part to promote their album up to release and afterwards it's up to the bands to get out there and tour to promote themselves.
  23. sophos34 Supporter

    maybe some of it is the band but some of it has got to be the label. youve got a legacy band like tbs barely moving any units, and then youve got new bands like somos that are barely given any attention. these bands are marketed to people that are already going to be aware of the bands, you know? like epitaph pushes their bands, especially the smaller ones like touche and pianos and joyce, etc. to publications outside of the scene. i dont see that often with hopeless bands, if at all.
  24. Onlyadirector

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    I'm not a fan of hopeless in general. The way they handle their bands and market things really irks me. I wouldn't be surprised if they've covered up some pretty unlawful things that their bands/managers/etc have done.
  25. aniafc


    Come on