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AFI Share Statement on Former Bass Player Selling Early Recordings

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 3, 2017.

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    AFI have shared a statement on Facebook in regard to their former bass player selling re-releases of their early work. You can find the full statement below.

    Our former bass player, Geoff Kresge, is selling reissues of original AFI recordings. While we remain proud of every era of our 26 year existence, and certainly do not begrudge Geoff feeling reflective towards the four years he spent with us before he quit, we are confused why he has taken it upon himself to assume control of the shared Key Lime Pie label and release these records without notifying or consulting us. We had always loved the fact that these releases were special limited edition items, pieces of history that we wanted to keep rare. Geoff has begun accepting pre-orders of the Dork EP and is including on it an unreleased song which he wrote no part of, without getting permission from the co-owners and songwriters. Geoff has never paid anyone in the band, including Mark Stopholese, their share of the proceeds of these sales, despite our repeated requests that he do the right thing and pay our shares. While we do feel for what we can only assume is Geoff’s financial need, it simply is not fair for one person – a person who left the band willingly in 1996 – to benefit to the exclusion of the other owners of these recordings and writers of the songs. As fans, of course, we support your right to buy as you please, but we wanted you to know that we do not support these sales.

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  2. aniafc


    Pretty good statement on their part. They certainly should be able to take action against him if they wanted to, though, right?
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  3. Jakob Allen


    I agree with them 100% on the issue, though it seemed strange to call out Geoffs possible financial issues. But yeah its a dick move on his part to be re-releasing these, and cool of AFI to say they support fans buying them regardless.
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  4. Nick

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    Geoff owns that label and always has though? So would assume he's got some rights regarding the recordings
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  5. skogsraet

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    As a label owner he probably has more rights than any other ex band member, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't give him the freedom to do whatever he wants with the music they made. I don't know a lot about the legal side of these things, but this just doesn't seem right.
  6. transrebel59


    Incredibly awkward situation but well handled on their part.
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  7. MrCon

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    Being the label owner doesn't mean he necessarily owns the rights to the songs, even if they were released on that label.

    On top of that, pretty sure he'd owe anyone who wrote or performed them some form of royalty.
  8. skurt

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    Some of the comments on that facebook post, oh boy
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  9. Why did I look.
  10. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

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  11. disambigujason

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    Heh I did the same. Saw "assholes!" and called it quits there.
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  12. dorfmac


    haven't we seen pretty often labels put out releases that weren't necessarily endorsed by the bands? for some reason i feel like i remember this happening with drive-thru and then again with another big name - maybe an underoath album?
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  13. Crisp X

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    I think so, wasn't it a boxset and it also happened to Anberlin ?
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