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AFI - Bodies (June 11, 2021) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by amorningofsleep, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. amorningofsleep Jan 12, 2021
    (Last edited: May 27, 2021)

    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.


    via Rise Records


    1. Twisted Tongues
    2. Far Too Near
    3. Dulceria
    4. On Your Back
    5. Escape From Los Angeles
    6. Begging For Trouble
    7. Back From The Flesh
    8. Looking Tragic
    9. Death Of The Party
    10. No Eyes
    11. Tied To A Tree
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  2. amorningofsleep

    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.

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  3. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    I didn’t realize it was almost the 15th and damn

    here we goooo
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  4. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

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  6. Album announcement 'soon' per press release for these new singles.
  7. The new songs are ok. Maybe they’re better in the context of the album.
  8. amorningofsleep

    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.

  9. maryp1603

    Hey. Supporter

    Exclusive 7” is in the merch store for my vinyl heads.
  10. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    not a big fan of these
  11. tdlyon

    Pawnee Forever Supporter

    Thought we'd get a release date when the songs came out
  12. finnyscott

    I'm from New York. No, not the city.

    new music tomorrow. gotta be the album, right?
  13. Argus

    Of sugar and ice I am made

    Not likely. Looks like a third single, though maybe they'll confirm Bodies as the title and give us a release date.
  14. razorburn Feb 24, 2021
    (Last edited: Feb 24, 2021)


    New song out tomorrow is called "Looking Tragic."

  15. finnyscott

    I'm from New York. No, not the city.

    daaaamnnn i was temporary thrilled with the possibility of a blissfully short and sweet promo period
  16. Cmoney86


    2 tracks coming out tomorrow im guessing

  17. Supernova

    Prayers/Triangles Prestigious

    Wonder if this is more Blood Album era tracks like the last 2.
  18. 333 GANG


  19. Steven Shea


    Kind of excited!
  20. adamlikesdogs


    As in these were recorded back in 2016/2017?
  21. Supernova

    Prayers/Triangles Prestigious

    Yeah I read where Davey said they(Twisted Tongues/Escape from LA) were from the Blood sessions or at least around that time. Maybe they were born from that time and just record recently?? It may have been linked in this thread I don't recall where I saw it.
  22. 333 GANG


  23. Doomsday

    Trusted Supporter

    Looking Tragic is pretty good
  24. 333 GANG


    I don’t hate any of these 4 new songs, but none of them really do much at all for me. If these are all on a new album, it seems like this may by the first AFI record that really just isn’t for me.

    I definitely like Looking Tragic the most of the 4.
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  25. Callum Macleod

    Do or do not, there is no try.

    4/11 tracks released from an 11 track album not out until June. I don’t personally mind that but I feel like people will.

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