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AFI (A Fire Inside) Band • Page 29

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Argus

    Of sugar and ice I am made

    I've seen them seven times, but that's over the course of 15 years and in 4 different states. Also, three of those were festival shows.
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  2. bradsonemanband

    Brad Frequencies Prestigious

  3. Jim

    Kicking it middle school #freedotem Supporter

    without going through the whole thread, have there been any plans to repress STS on vinyl?
  4. AWasteOfATime


    Adeline was trying to right before they went under but I think the band like blocked them from doing so, I think it was pretty much ready to go to... that was like 4 years ago, not sure what's happening now. I would think STS/December would be two of the hottest OOP vinyl items that would sell if they did it so idk what the hold up is.
  5. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Out at midnight what uppppp

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  6. Gnarly Charlie

    Good guy, but a bad dude

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  7. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

  8. Heron182


    New song on Spotify?
  9. smoke4thecaper

    hold on, let me catch my breath Supporter

    5-song EP The Masked Man out December 7th. “Get Dark” rules.
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  10. Kuri44


    Wow what a slap in the face, love the song
  11. tdlyon

    Pawnee Forever Supporter

    That solo rips
  12. Petit nain des Îles

    Golden Hour Supporter

    Okay Halloween is coming up, time to blast their entire discography.
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  13. Petit nain des Îles

    Golden Hour Supporter

    Get Dark is great. Has the same old school vibe as most of The Blood.
  14. Argus Oct 26, 2018
    (Last edited: Oct 26, 2018)

    Of sugar and ice I am made

    Here's the cover art and track listing for "The Missing Man."


    1. Trash Bat
    2. Break Angels
    3. Back into the Sun
    4. Get Dark
    5. The Missing Man
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  15. ryanfears


    This has to be Regular Show reference but I'd be shocked if they actually watch it
  16. Argus

    Of sugar and ice I am made

    It's actually a typo I missed initially. The first track is titled "Trash Bat," not Boat. Whoops.
  17. Bane

    The spiciest meme

    Trash Bat is a phenomenal name for a song
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  18. Micah511

    Who do you think needs who more?

    Reminds me of this.
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  19. JamesMichael

    Web, Designer & Marketer Prestigious

    That solo rules!
  20. Davjs


    Beat me to it!

    New song is pretty good. Echo the solo love.

    Going down AFI on spotify for the last few days. DU, Crashlove and Burials keep getting better and hold up 100%.

    Now onto Blaqk Audio which I haven't listened to in forever, so good.

    I need to give Dream Car more a chance, I only listened once I think.
  21. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    Really like the album art, and EP name. Will do my very best to wait to listen to the song until December since it's only 5 new songs we're getting
  22. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

  23. AlwaysEvolving21

    TJ Dohner Supporter

    Awesome song! Gonna listen to these guys today. I think I'll throw on Crash Love and the Blood Album. I always wait to jam All Hallows Eve and Art of Drowning on Halloween.
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  24. smoke4thecaper

    hold on, let me catch my breath Supporter

    Jade always has dope solos, and after seeing them live again last month, I'm always impressed at how technically precise he is and how effortless he makes it look. Dude is underrated as hell.
  25. atlas


    Cool song. Doesn't sound like a B side from The Blood Album to me, the production is a bit sharper