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AFI’s Davey Havok Bares it All

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. ABrandNewFireInside

    For your health!

    Blacked out his sleeves. Everyone loved his Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve, too. Wow..
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  3. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Whatever he's eating and whatever exercises he's doing, I want to know.
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  4. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    What is the significance of doing that? Always been curious. Just not liking your old tattoos?
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  5. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    Saw this yesterday, and good l*rd. My crush on this man will last forever.
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  6. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    His lat game is strong
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  7. notalonerecords


    Davey is such an amazing voice for animals! The leather industry is simply awful and he does a great job at explaining why. Hats off to you, Davey!
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  8. Schooner


    Damn he looks good. He'd have to be 40+
    Especially looking like that on a vegan diet ;)
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  9. skogsraet

    Trusted Supporter

    He turns 41 next week!
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  10. Hazelnutsack


    why do celebrities still endorse peta they're not even close to the animal-friendly movement that they advertise themselves to be
  11. skaorsk8


    Am I the only one who clicks these Davey Havok articles looking for the Davey + Tom + Tony + Adrian updates?
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  12. ConArdist

    Subgenres Should Die

    Yeah, he looks good. Saw Blaqk Audio about 6 months back, front row, he was impeccably dressed and so fit. Oh, and being an AFI fan since '04 and never seeing them live, I thought I died and went to heaven.
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  13. kait_whiteside


    Whew. My teenage crush on him has come back full-force.
  14. SamLevi11

    Trusted Prestigious

    I find it hard to believe people would ever wear real leather nowadays.

    Also, bloody hell. What an attractive man.