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    no one post in this thread

    Henry lock this down now
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    this is my least favorite thread on this site.
  4. Lol why do you guys hate AEW so much already
  5. They don't, they just hate me cause they aint me
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  6. Bump
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    59.99 rumored price tag is too pricy especially for a card that hasn't had great build. I will order it regardless, but I don't see it doing well at that price point. 39.99 would be much more reasonable. The fact that we are 2 weeks out and don't have a price is quite terrible planning especially if its that high.
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  10. Hey guys
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    Wrong thread
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  12. I got a throne breaker shirt
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    Wow like you couldn't be any nerdier
  14. Ho-hum...just another sell-out. Remember when we weren't sure if a non-wwe show could sell out a 10k venue?
  15. nice bump bro
  16. Thanks!