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Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Jason Tate, Nov 14, 2018.

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    This keeps popping up for me when I’m in the conference championship NFL thread
  4. Garrett L.

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    I keep getting that pop up too
  5. MysteryKnight


    Same. The site is almost unusable on mobile for me right now
  6. Looking into it.
  7. Matt

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    Hey not sure where to post this or how much control you have over your ads, but this just showed up when I was posting in the Comedy thread.

  8. Garrett L.

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    I keep getting adds for my employer and feel attacked :crylaugh:
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  10. llllllllllllllll


    i’ve been gettting the pop up quite a bit lately.
  11. ItsAndrew


    I feel like political ads should not be a thing, but I keep getting ads like this.

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    Just got this, and had a similar one yesterday.
  13. Garrett L.

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    ^ I’ve been getting that all day.
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  15. Posting this here
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    Ah - yeah so the Political ad category gets very spicey in the US when Elections heat up.

    Should we block the entire category of Politics and just stay out of it?