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Adult Mom Accuses Tiny Engines of Breach of Contract

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 11, 2019.

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    In a thread on Twitter, Adult Mom has publicly accused Tiny Engines of a breach of contract over royalty payments.

    I’ve been really cryptic about what I’ve been going through recently in the industry, but I’m really ready to be transparent now. I promised myself I would be as fair as possible in describing my experiences I’ve had with @tinyengines, so I apologize for the length. I signed a two LP contract with them in 2015. The contract details that they must supply royalty statements twice a year and subsequent payment. From the year 2015-May 2018 we had received 0 statements or royalty payments.

    After asking multiple times for statements over the years, they finally sent one at the pressure and request of my manager. The statement detailed that they had owed us over 7,000 dollars (closer to 8k). It took them until December of 2018 to pay out that royalty statement.

    Since then, they have been sporadic and irresponsible with payment schedules and statements. I have had to remind them frequently for payments and statements, and furthermore have had to convince them to do second pressings of our records that were out of stock.

    After all of this, I was deeply self conscious and depressed about the security of my records. The contract I signed detailed that Tiny Engines owned my mastered for the rest of my life. Clearly, my work was not in safe or responsible hands.

    I decided to work hard to get control and ownership of my masters back. I had hoped that because Tiny Engines has clearly been in the wrong that they would comply easily. They did not.

    I spoke directly with the owners, Chuck Daley and Will Miller. I told them that they had breached contract multiple times over and I should have control over my masters. Now, here is where it gets a bit unsettling for me, so I apologize if my emotions shine through

    My conversation with chuck was one of the most unprofessional encounters I have ever had in my life. Chuck laughed in my face after I asked for my masters back. He said that there was no way that would happen, but he’d give the email a “look” from my legal team

    He proceeded to speak and raise his voice over mine. He said that I was being ungrateful for everything the label had done for me. He also said that losing adult mom would have a lot of consequences, and that he had his mortgage and children to think about

    He proceeded to stress that I had no grounds to ask for this unreasonable request. I told him that he was being unprofessional and manipulative by attempting to guilt me by using his home and children. He also stated that it would affect the “smaller bands” on the label.

    After that phone call I sent an official breach of contract notice to Tiny Engines. They had 30 days to send us our royalty statement until they would be legally breached. We gave them 31. My lawyer
    @H_Cole_Law sent them an official notice that they have breached

    Our demands have been simple. Because the contract is breached it is no longer valid, thus all physical and digital ownership must go into my control. Tiny Engines have not responded to my team and continue to ignore our requests, which to me, are incredibly reasonable

    The business model of Tiny Engines appears to be this: Use the money that the more successful bands make on funding small releases and signings. Never pay the successful band for as long as humanly possible

    The business model of tiny engines: Take advantage of the non men on your label and attempt to manipulate them while stealing the money they make to keep your failing business afloat

    The business model of Tiny Engines: project a savior complex while doing absolutely nothing to back it up

    I am certain and it has been confirmed that there are at LEAST 10 other bands on this label that have experienced this or something similar. It is an abuse of power. It is an epidemic. It is a diseased label. These artists deserve so much more respect

    My final thought: I don’t wish any ill will on this business. But I do wish for them to clean up their shit. I’ve given them way too much of my time and money and patience to be silent.

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    This was a very confusing headline for me...
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  3. artbynickferran

    This was heartbreaking to read. I can't imagine the bravery it took Stevie to be so publicly vulnerable about this. I really hope this enables them and other artists on the label some justice. Fuck tiny engines.
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