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    If his kid is in the care of the state they should be helping with all of this. They can refer him to housing assistance and community resources, including paying for a phone and minutes. If he is an addict they can also refer him to inpatient treatment where he could eventually have his son with him. If he doesn't know who his caseworker is, he needs to attempt to reach out. If he knows the county his son was in while taken into care he should reach out to that agency and they should be able to connect him to the correct person.
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  2. A lot of this is above my head but I’ll pass this info to him. Sounds promising! Thanks so much for the info!!
  3. So I got some clarification that his son was taken from the mom by the state cuz she’s a junkie I guess and she won’t tell him where he is. Ugh what a mess. So he’s saying I guess it’s not as easy since he was in prison when the kid was taken? Anyway thanks for listening. Hopefully we can get around to all of that once he’s more on his feet
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    Even if the kid was taken from the mom, as the father he does have rights to be involved in the case and work to get his kid back. If he was in prison when the kid was taken he may be on the petition as unable to parent due to incarceration but by law he has the right to be involved in the case, have visitations, receive services, and be appointed an attorney. Once he feels he is ready to pick up that fight, he is more than entitled to be involved. juvenile law varies by state, but that should be pretty standard. If he is the legal father they should've been working with him while he was in prison
  5. Thanks again for the info! I’ll pass it along. I guess they have a court date about it on Tuesday so we’ll see what that brings.
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