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    I wanted to have a thread promoting organizations, blogs, websites, groups, charities, non-profits, people, etc who are doing good work and helping the world. And also to discuss what you're involved in and anything you want to promote such as events and fundraisers.
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  6. David87

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    Can we plug smaller local stuff here? A couple people that graduated a few years behind me started a charity this past year

    The Charity Company

    Obviously a smaller operation that does some more of the basic charity things (clothes/food/etc. to the needy), but I'd love to see them get all the publicity and donations they can get.
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    yes of course! no need to ask :)
  8. AelNire Jul 30, 2016
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    I encourage everyone to send in a sample for being a bone marrow donor. It's really easy.
    Be The Match Registry
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    They also come down for events and stuff if anyone ever wants them there! My brother in law got a transplant from be the match and we're trying to raise money for him with a 5k since they have lots of bills. Anyway, be the match is coming down to the event so people can sign up to become donors and we're really excited! They make it so easy!
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    I've struggled to really find a place in activism. I was involved when I lived in the city but it was a bit disheartening to see it all play out. I guess I was naive and thought it'd be everyone working towards the same goals and respecting each other, but instead it was different activists and their groups gossiping about one another and refusing to do a protest if so and so was involved or if they didn't get the headline spot to speak and a bunch of petty drama. Still, it was nice to be able to go to a meeting or panel or discussion anytime I wanted. Harder to stay involved in a rural area. I feel so out of the loop.
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    i had a chance to volunteer with MANNA, which basically has a daily, open-door free set of meals for whomever needs it. and seeing the people come in, it really makes me angry that "welfare queen" is an idea that gets trotted out. these people are not gaming the system, and it's scary and embarrassing to have to show up to places with food stamps or asking for a free meal.

    but it also made me really hopeful because even an antisocial dick like me can really help people who don't have access to even basic healthy meals.
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    I didn't expect to see something of mine tagged in this!! (I mod + created blackaltfans on Tumblr.) I also do social media with OOE, so this really means a lot. Thank you.
    Also wanted to add my friends' projects/some other orgs I've worked with:
    Black Women in Rock
    Punk Black
    Lost n Found Youth
    Defend Girls Not Pop Punk (they're teenagers, so a little overzealous at times, but I love them)
    Rise Up
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  13. carina

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    To be honest..... I'm not as involved offline because I'm just not that close to anyone within local orgs, and the few people that I do know are not coming to these organizing meetings or protests with the best intentions. I'm better at making sure people are aware of what's official and what's fake, and directing people to the right person to talk to when it comes to jail support, lawyers, etc., but I just don't have the heart to put my body on the streets when I know the people around me are in it for a photo op and networking.

    And if that's petty, I don't really care. Being on the frontlines was bad for my anxiety.
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    I have weird anxiety about being photographed/put online/turned into a meme and I was so over the top about it at one point that I'd obsessively check the twitter hash tags after protests to make sure my face wasn't in any of the pics. If I saw cameras I'd look down or stand behind a tall person. It's easy when you're not tall but now I'm like why did I even do that??? Even if there was a pic with me in it like what would I have done?? #AnxietyProblems
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    I did the exact same thing! One of my friends is a photographer, so when I'd go with him, I'd have to remind him to only take pictures of my profile or from behind me so no one would see me. The first protest I ever went to, they actually took an over the shoulder photo of me that I think is really cool looking, but I went out of my way to prevent that from happening again after.
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  16. carina

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    Also, quick plug: if you want to get involved with a community online, Open Our Eyes is looking for someone to join our social media team. You can email Brittny with any questions you have! We're a small team, but a really supportive one.
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    Yo check it, promoting artists every Friday:


    Anyone got any suggestions for musicians that should be in the feature list, feel free to link!
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  20. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    October is "depression awareness month" - I wanted to do a news post about it and was wondering if anyone had any charities or resources I could/should point to in the post.
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  22. Trotsky


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    just wondering, did anything come out of this?
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    I can vouch for most of these. I know some people are sketched out about donating bc of scams. These are legit though. Feeling helpless isn't a good feeling so donating helps. ❤️
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    Meeting in stl area this Sunday. If you're in the area check it out