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Action Point (Johnny Knoxville, June 1, 2018)

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by NJPunkMusic, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    Directed by Tim Kirkby (Brockmire), the film stars Johnny Knoxvilleas the owner of a low-rent amusement park who, when his teenage daughter comes to visit, pulls out all the stops in order to compete with a bigger, badder theme park that threatens to put them out of business.

    The screenplay hails from Silicon Valley writers/producers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, and indeed Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge has a “story by” credit on the film. The final result is a blend of that smart sense of humor with Knoxville’s penchant for outlandish stunts. Indeed, this movie is basically Jackass with an actual narrative story, as the stunts on the highly dangerous and misguided attractions at the theme park are done for real.

  2. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    im 100% into this. Love Knoxville and the jackass crew. Happy to see him back. Looks to be vaguely based of the famous NJ amusement park known for its dangerous rides Action Park
  3. Sean Murphy

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    yes I am so into this
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  4. [removed]

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  5. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Here for it.
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  6. Henry

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    he's not gonna need makeup for oldface soon
  7. Doomsday

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    Oh hell yeah, this looks awesome
  8. Larry David

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    True though
  9. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    Ill watch it.
  10. Saw the trailer before The Quiet Place yesterday. Looks like a good time! haha
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  11. suicidesaints

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    Anything with Mike Judge's name on it, and I'm in.

    Saw the trailer before A Quite Place too, and it looks like fun.
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  12. jmwhit04

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    Action Park was and Mountain Creek Water Park is the shit.
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  13. mgiannotti

    edge mike Supporter

    This was pretty fun. A lot more plot than I was expecting, and was hoping for more stunts, but still funny.
  14. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    Blah. Not one LOL part. Knoxville was ok, but supporting cast was so weak they added nothing to it. Pontius was just lame, but then again I never found him funny. Would have been disappointed if I didnt use my moviepass
  15. domotime2

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    my expectations were too high for this i think. I thought the plot concept had "easy comedy" written all over it, but alas, another fun concept goes to waste. Why is hollywood having such a hard time writing theatrical comedies!?!
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  16. [removed]

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    I honestly can’t remember the last comedy in theaters not starring Melissa McCarthy
  17. Henry

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    this bombed realllllllly bad
  18. domotime2

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    Game night... blockers
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  19. [removed]

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  20. Zilla

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    You said a comedy not starring Melissa McCarthy and they named two.
  21. This was...not great, but as someone with a huge soft spot for Knoxville/Dickhouse (I genuinely believe Jackass is the pinnacle of American comedy), I still enjoyed this and laughed out loud a few times.
  22. That’s good to hear. I love Knoxville and Jackass so I’m definitely going to see this.
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  23. I would say keep your expectations low and you'll most likely have fun.
  24. SmithBerryCrunch

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    This was pretty bad.