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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by OhTheWater, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Also Famous Dex is trash. Both currently in the process of blowing up
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    Added Crystal Castles and the FYF Fest founder to the running doc. 6ix9ine was posted as I was adding the others so I didn't add that one yet.

    It's kind of strange how my mentality shifted over the past few days. Like today seems to be a "good day" because there really weren't any sexual assault allegations posted that I've seen. That should feel like a common thing, but it doesn't recently. I keep expecting another blow/ to find out someone I look up to has seriously disappointed me
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    I had never heard about this about Don Henley...Jesus.

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    so i just went back and read harry's statement after the NGN stuff. interesting to look back at now. same sort of thing as the jesse and louis statements, very self focused as opposed to focusing on the victim

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    yeah, the other main problem with it was that there's no way he didn't know it was wrong the whole time, since he basicall had a paid crony to silence the victim and anyone who tried to talk about it. :(
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    oh yeah, i agree completely, i wasn't using this in any way to look positively at what he's done. i just think it's interesting to read this statement now and see how the terminology compares to a lot of the things going on now. especially since that statement was crafted before this sort of statement felt common. also now that i have a lot more knowledge about accountability processes and stuff, i hadn't read this in years so i was curious what my impression would be now compared to how i remember reacting then.
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    Fuck, didn't know that about Crystal Castles. That's so completely horrible.

    Anyway, subbing. This is a good thread.
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    god damnit

    well that's a big one to a bunch of people on here. burn it down. burn it all down
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    Glad I didn't end up seeing them this summer. Bye
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    Guess this goes here

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    What the fuck @ the Piebald stuff, that’s disgusting
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    what the fuck I am so upset, goddamnit
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    Holy hell Kyle from Real Friends’ Dad. What an asshole. Glad they addressed it right away and didn’t try to sweep it under the rug because of the family relationship. Goddamn monster.
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    Ethan Kath is such garbage!!!
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    Had no clue he actually responded

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    Morrissey activates the rage center of my amygdala and makes me ANGRY. smh
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    Ethan Kath is truly despicable. I hope the court sees that.
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    Idk not a lawyer (that's for sure) but I wouldn't be surprised to see Alice just sue him back, I hope she does. Sue the ever loving shit out of him
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  24. Morrissey has always been an idiot but this is a new low.
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    Bigmouth strikes again