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    No doubt about that. It just bothered me that people here are basically assuming she's not mature enough to make these judgements on her own when she is an adult and they have no idea the back story of how this all came to fruition. I think it's a bit sl*t shamey to belittle a woman for dating someone older.
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    I’ve been in a relationship (male/male) for the last 6yrs, met my bf when he was 31 and I was 19. It’s possible to have a healthy relationship with a large age gap. Granted, there are scumbags out there but it’s dangerous to assume that because there’s an age gap that one party is grooming or taking advantage of the other.
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    I don't blame the woman but any guy who only dates younger raises a red flag, but it sucks when the women feel the need to defend themselves
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    He's a serial cheater that's obsessed with trying to sleep with 'famous' people. Then he gets bored and tries to fuck someone new. Rinse repeat. Pretty scummy dude.
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    Did you really create an account called “fiftyshadesofchad” just to spew vitriol about a musician on a forum? Grow up.
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    No I created an account to say that Chad is a serial cheater who uses women to chase fame.
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    From what I can observe, many men like the idea of dating much younger women because it's easier. This is especially true with someone who just became "legal." This idea of "easiness" is what makes these relationships problematic.
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    I had an age gap relationship when I was 17-19ish. He liked my young age because frankly I was dumb and naive and it was easy. I really relate to Taylor Swift's Dear John because that's exactly how it felt. As young girls we're taught we rly should be grateful if any male is interested in us, but when they're older that's just the cherry on top. Because they're older and cool and finally someone sees how "mature" you are. You'll keep giving away little pieces of yourself to maintain that. Gotta keep being "not like the other girls" and stay in ur lane so he doesn't say with disdain how young and immature u are if u ever disagree or push back, which he'll do if u ever question anything. The men are typically very stunted themselves, which is saying a lot for men who can already be particularly stunted. For me, as a young girl/woman I was more ready to put up with their bs. 17 year old me was ready and willing to do whatever it took to please. 27 year old me has more confidence and self worth.

    Idk man. It's a story as old as time. And idk anything about Chad or his gf now or anything like that, but I feel like a man who is okay with being in that kind of relationship where the power imbalance is so off is a red flag. They don't just stop when that relationship stops. So I'm not gonna judge his gf or her life or whatever cause I truly don't know her and it's not her fault, but I'm still gonna be skeptical af of him. Men like that have patterns.

    And again idk her and have never heard of her so I'm speaking generally, but I do think there is something larger to be said how women often do market themselves as youthful and childlike. That doesn't exist in a vacuum. We can talk about it from Britney Spears to Ariana Grande. Why do men value our youth so much? Why is that so important for women to maintain? Why is "barely legal" such a common search term? Idk it's all connected for me.
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    How long have they been together?
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    End of March last year, according to this.
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    Don’t get it twisted, the only person I’m shaming is Chad Gilbert, who divorced his first wife to pursue a teenager, and then cheated on his second wife multiple times. Lisa is fine I just don’t want her to get chewed up by this weirdo.
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  13. Martina Sep 13, 2019
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    From the Washington Post:

    What’s it like to be a woman in rock today? The question is part of the problem.
    By Travis M. Andrews

    And on another topic, from Buzzfeed News:

    The latter article has nothing to do with the music scene directly, but it's fascinating to read it and numerous similar stories about Epstein and the general "modus operandi" of the key players involved and match up dates with what we know of so many Warped Tour-related scandals involving bands and their respective MOs. The same tour is mentioned in the Washington Post article, with none of the problems we remember mentioned, as is the case for essentially every other story we read on similar parts of the music scene in the mainstream and music press.

    Add a few years to the age of Epstein's victims and knock several zeros off of what he spent maintaining his stable of them and you'd have the hospitality budget and average age of many of the women in the entourage of bands from that time, victimized by musicians and others in the music scene at about the same time.

    At least we know we've come a long way since then, right?
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  16. He used to attempt to DM my friends younger sister (she literally had her age in her bio) with some creepy shit back in like 2014.

    Dude was literally double her age. I think he’s like mid 30s now?
    He’s a fucking piece of trash

    Edit: he’s 37 now.
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    I knew about the assault charge but didn't know he was one of the way too many artists who used Warped Tour to prey on teenagers
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    Yeah the details are definitely horrible, I didn't know all that either
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    Michael Cera Palin posted this today, detailing why they broke up which was because one of their members sexually assaulted someone.

    A Note From MCP
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    More accurately, because one of their members was accused of sexually assaulting someone and the accuser later freely admitted that parts of their account were fabricated in order to imply that consent was not granted.
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    Yep he used to DM a friend of mine back in like 2015. We were in high school at the time and she was 17. Pretty creepy.
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    Wow I’d never heard about that Michael Cera Palin situation but they seem like decent people. Can’t imagine what that must have been like. They handled it really well though. Hope they’re able to get on with making music again.
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    I was about to post this in the Microwave thread but like... they're going on tour with Tiny Moving Parts. They're playing Ireland in a couple of weeks and last year I would have been incredibly stoked about this, but now... it kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me not want to have anything to do with Microwave's new record, which would, again, have been unthinkable a year ago. Dylan Mattheisen has faced essentially no repercussions for his actions and seeing TMP continue to tour with bands I thought would know better (M'wave, Free Throw, world's greatest dad etc.) is kinda just making me upset. Fuck sake.
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    My apologies, I didn’t read it all the way through before posting, but that’s an accurate description of what happened.
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    Had no idea about this. Really sucks but forget that noise. Throw them on the pile too.
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