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    Yeah, be as mean as you want to that dude. He deserves it at this point lol
  2. CoffeeEyes17

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    Meeting adjourned
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  3. TheoW593


    So asking questions = spewing bullshit? Does that not speak on how these shitshows are allowed to happen? When respectfully asking questions is interpreted as 'spewing bullshit", that's no foundation for any discourse.

    Case in point: me asking what exactly the claim is = complaining about people
  4. TheoW593 Aug 29, 2019
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    Another case in point. I'm in the outtribe because I have a different opinion. Be mean as you want to me! After all - I deserve it by trying to have an actual discussion
  5. ImAMetaphor

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    Yeah this is not the time or place for that and is 100% not the sort of thing I ever want to go to bat for.
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  6. Matt Chylak

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    Just report/block them. Their post history suggests that it's a troll account/alt for someone in here... stirred up a bunch of ish in the Pinegrove thread in February and has been inactive since.
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  7. Jesse West

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    The claim is that Pinegrove guy used his platform as a relatively popular musician to coerce MORE THAN THE ONE FAN HE ALREADY ADMITED TO COERCING into sleeping with him, throw in some buying alcohol for minors for garnish.

    But that was all readily apparent from the very post you quoted. I know this becuase it is where I got that info. So that leads people to beleive YOU are what people are talking about when they bring up people on the site who are dismissive and bad faith actors.

    If you don't want to be that guy, read posts completely and thoroughly before replying to a post that says what happened with "what happened?"
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  8. TheoW593


    Did that person claim to be coerced? I genuinely don't see how you can derive abuse from that statement as it was presented. Anyways, peace out y'all, cannot have a convo without getting mean. When the few prior pages are wondering why conversations here devolve into barking, look at these exchanges.

    P.s. Please tell me you see the irony in calling me dismissive when you look at the surrounding posts.
  9. You have 40 posts in the Pinegrove thread and almost all of them are some variations of this exact argument; it's already been explained to you multiple times. This is not the same situation, and you know it. To present yourself here as a good faith actor is just not true.
  10. Jesse West

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    Yes, so sorry. People being aware of your posting history must be so awful. How dare they remember the way you have acted in the past and engage based on that info.
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  11. BoldTitan


    Thanks for providing this. I appreciate you digging through all of that. What steps do we think need to be taken for the accountability in that situation? Seems like a skeevy thing to do.
  12. TheoW593


    No joke, how have I acted other than engaging in respectful discussion? You're implying that I have a posting history of insulting people, name-calling and trolling. Never once did I do any of that.

    I've been on the receiving end of all of those while I was at the time, genuinely asking questions to better understand the situation. Trying to respectfully illustrate why harmful and self-serving arguments are bad does not make me a troll.
  13. supernovagirl

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    It’s been a long and exhausting day but I wanted to try to find something that could more eloquently describe why it rubs me the wrong way to see so much emphasis be put on “being civil” “being nice” “respectfully illustrating”.
    Even after being pointed out that tone policing is happening, people are even saying things like “I know this will just be called tone policing but...”
    I understand the desire to have a ‘productive’ conversation, but...

    It’s a widely acknowledged thing that your ability to be calm in a debate is a direct result of privilege.

    With my limited spoons and time, I found this article. I know it isn’t an exact one-for-one fit for what’s going on here, but MANY of the same themes are prevalent. Please take the time to read it and actually sit with it and try to understand the ways some parts of this conversation could be taken.

    4 Reasons Demanding 'Objectivity' in Social Justice Debates Can Be Oppressive

    The whole thing is good but point 3 is especially relevant. Please don’t get hung up on some of the language being slightly different- a lot of the framework is the same.
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  14. Matt Chylak

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    Not at all for me to say.
  15. I’m flattered that you thought of me, not sure if I’m the right person for the job though! Living in a different time zone means that I missed all the discussion that happened last night, even with me awake until 2am. Plus, there’d be a major conflict of interest if I had to deal with you as a moderator, seeing as you’re one of my best friends on & off this website!
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  16. Kiana Aug 29, 2019
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    My brain was like "....bitch now"? Tattoo For a sec. Oop.

    Oh am I not reading the tension of the room rn

  17. ImAMetaphor

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    I know the conversation from yesterday has pretty much died down, but I want to ask what we can all do better to keep this a safe, healthy, and productive place. I know the idea came up several times to keep this thread exclusively for news and updates about allegations/abuse and to relegate any other discussion to individual band threads. Is that something we should pursue?
  18. sonder

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    As a non-insider on the scene (if you will), I’d rather not have the thread scattered across different threads.

    It’s been an invaluable resource: a lot of times there’s no other way I would have heard about bad and sometimes horrible decisions that artists I support make.

    What’s more, it’s made me a lot more aware—and therefore critical of—the pedestals that artists are placed on, and the inordinate amount of power over others that gives them.

    And I’ve said this once before, I am seriously grateful to the Women in here who take time out of their day to explain important issues to others. Reading your replies, I think/hope, has helped me learn a great deal.

    Anyways FYI there is someone out here listening (even if I don’t chime in often) and thinks this thread, for all its ups and down, can be and often is a valuable resource to have around.

    My two cents for what it’s worth.
  19. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Wherever this threads goes, I’ve learned a lot from it. I’ve said some super shitty stuff here and “in real life” that I regret and this is one of the threads I actively think about and feel I’ve learned from. I hope it continues to be a resource for people like me who needed a reality check and learn.
  20. Kiana

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    I like this thread having discussion but I also missed whatever happened a few pages back so my opinion might not mean much! There seems to be disagreement on this, but for the most part I think the majority of users in this thread come from good faith and wanting to discuss, and I like hearing from the other women who are more involved in the scene than myself. The thought of having to go into the individual band threads to read discourse and then contend with a bunch of defensive rando fans of the artist is.... Unpleasant to me lol but I'd survive either way
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  21. supernovagirl

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    I think people were just saying that posts that are along the lines of “I miss this band and am having a hard time putting them to rest” belong in the thread of the band, and not this kind of thread.

    But maybe I should just speak for myself because that’s what *I* was saying lol

    Edited to add: however I also think a thread that was designed for us to work through our feelings (like a kind of support group thread) would be the better alternative to making this thread about ourselves. Anytime someone says something about how accusations affect them, people (rightfully) respond that this is about the victim. So maybe this thread should be focused on the artist, the accusations, and the apology/reparations/accountability (lol dreaming big here). And maybe we make another thread that *is* for us to “make about ourselves” and focuses on sorting through our own feelings about it.

    I dunno. Probably not a perfect suggestion but idk
  22. Tom

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    Honestly as a 21 year old white dude, I’ve learned a lot from this thread and it’s helped me understand why accountability is so important. I don’t post much in here but I read almost every post because I know accountability is so damn important. So to the users who are constantly updating this thread and letting people know what’s going on in the scene or just music in general, THANK YOU.
  23. Jake W

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    If only every man in the music scene was Frank Carter

  24. Stephen Young

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    love frank carter. seeing gallows in '07 back when he used to do the set from the middle of the pit was *the* moment I connected with punk,etc. I remember him personally pushing away those big shirtless hardcore dudes so smaller people could have fun and grab the mic, and that was really cool to me. that was also probably the first time I was in a pit where there were as many women as men, and it was overall just a super cool experience and it's awesome to watch him keep doing stuff like that on a 1000x bigger scale
  25. y2jayjk

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    fuck tool btw.

    May have gotten a friend who never heard about that stuff re evaluate everything he thought about them now. So that's positive.
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