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  1. Any conceivable path to forgiveness should not include getting to have your platform back and make money off of it.
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  2. tyramail

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    I feel this would be unforgivable for a lot more people if she was actually killed. But like, that’s what he wanted, so I don’t get why he gets a pass because he’s extremely lucky it wasn’t a real hit man.
  3. personalmaps

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    I cannot stress enough that is so deeply traumatic as a survivor of a violent, emotional abuser to see so many people going to bat for some fucking crocodile tears mother fucker because he says he saw the light. They’re all the same. They all sound the same. He doesn’t deserve to have that platform.
  4. chris

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    bless cmoney for continuing to remind us they really wanna die on this Tim Lambesis hill, almost forgot you were a major dumbass
  5. Kiana

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    Right like oh he just TRIED to get her killed but he was thankfully too dumb to do it right so we're gonna celebrate him now? It's not as if he failed to get her killed because of some moral compass or change of heart in the final hour. The attempted murderer still wanted her murdered at the end of the day but oh it's cool because he failed - not because he decided to spare her but because he's bad at attempting to murder people. Like naaaw dude. Ridic
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  6. Davjs


    Right? I think I said this forever ago in here but he is only able to get a "2nd chance" because he got lucky/fucked up what he was trying to do. If it had gone as planned, he'd be looking at life and this wouldn't even be a discussion.
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  7. Ben Lee

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    That’s how god works though. He stepped in and helped Tim make that mistake so he could be saved.

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  8. MyMartianRomance

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    I rarely comment on this site, but I just had to with Tim.

    When I saw HeartSupport had partnered with AILD. They were expecting people to flood to the site over the big news, and I was thinking, "And some people who supported you would cut ties with you and go find another mental health foundation that doesn't support abusers to support instead."
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  9. ItsAndrew


    They probably haven’t ever changed this, but I wish Real Friends would remove Brand New from their influences on their Facebook page.
  10. Anthony_

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    Honestly, bring it up to them on twitter or something. They probably don't even remember that's there and I'd imagine they'd change it considering their past actions re: accountability.
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  11. Anna Acosta

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    Shameless self promotion o'clock again but catching up on these last few pages, this seems like as good a time as any to bring back this piece I wrote about the road to redemption, what it looks like and what "good enough" is, since a lot of questions it tries to answer have been asked in here:

    The Road To Redemption: Music and the "Me Too" Movement AuxCord.FM
  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    not sure if this goes here but Zedd is a dick

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  13. Anna Acosta

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    As someone whose old bandmates used to refuse to transpose songs they'd written FOR OUR BAND to suit my voice because it "makes them less fun to play" I feel for this person on a spiritual level
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  14. teebs41 Jun 5, 2019
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    throw down or move the capo and its the same song in a different key, don't understand how changing a key makes a song less fun haha.
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  15. Anna Acosta

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    Because the original was open strings with some ridiculous custom tuning and blah blah blah blah blah honestly it's what I get for getting into a band with a bunch of prog fans
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  16. Wharf Rat

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    Being prog fans and probably fetishists of "technical skills" explains it, my original thought was, no offense, that that person just didn't want to admit they didn't know what transposition was or only learned one keys worth of chords lol
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  17. Anna Acosta

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    lmao no, I won't impugn my old bandmates in terms of musicianship: they were all very talented. With the exception of my old bass player they were abusers and apologists, maybe, but talented musicians.
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  19. atlas


    that sure is a sentence right there
  20. ItsAndrew


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  21. y2jayjk

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    whats a william control
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  22. Arry

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    lol this guy...
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  23. laraheart


    One of these girls is my friend. I'll never forget years and years ago when she told me what was going on how naive we were - we both had no clue what it really meant and how predatory he was about to become. He is a monster.
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  24. personalmaps

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    He is a monster and everything those women are saying about him is true. They’re blocking him because he’s a toxic abuser that will get back in contact and threaten to sue. Fuck him.
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  25. Stephen Young

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    Ah yes the true mark of an innocent man is invoking the "its the sjw's fault" card
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