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    Update... nvm!
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    They remove music because of its content on Spotify? This is the first time I've heard of that.
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    They tried to do it before but they mainly went after black artists
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    “The content of the songs” yeah ok
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    Yeah those songs contain a piece of shit’s voice get em outta here!
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  6. Martina Apr 24, 2019
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    It would be cynical to say BOTDF's songs were pulled because he doesn't have a lobby, but there would be some truth to that too.

    After BOTDF, what non-rap/R&B artist has songs that are as bad / violent / mysogynist as BOTDF's? I'm not looking for anyone to do research on this if you don't already know, I'm seriously wondering if Spotify may be able to be persuaded to remove other artists under the same grounds. If not, this may just be a way for Spotify to gain some PR points by removing an artist that relatively few people were listening to and that no one but the BOTDF's possie would complain about.
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    I think the thing that separates BOTDF is the target demographic being young kids/the fact that they’d most likely be popping up in playlists for young kids because of the algorithm
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    I think for sure that one of the reasons it's taken off while someone xxxtentacion or R. Kelly is the lobby for these artists. Top Top Dawg's CEO threatened to pull all of TDE's material off of it if they didn't put xxx back up. That would have been a huge blow. I just wish Spotify would have some consistency with this.
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    Consistency in capitalism? That'll be the day.
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    Just to clarify Spotify were never going to fully pull X or R Kelly's music, they just weren't going to show up in curated playlists anymore
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    “Hip Hop David Koresh” sounds about right, really
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    And now since they’re targeting BOTDF for “content” people are now saying shit like “well half of hip hop is the same so why not remove them too.” Spotify is fucking awful at how they implement their policies.
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    More of this. Can’t be just not working with abusers, gotta be not working with people who work with abusers.
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    I really hope that marshmellow-head-wearing dicksplash can't collaborate with anyone worth a damn from here on out. Time for people to start putting their money where their mouth is as regards all this accountability shit. This isn't on anyone in CHVRCHES because they had no way of knowing this was his next move - good to see them calling him out - it's on the next artist he wants to collaborate with.
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    I’m honestly lost as to why he needed to make multiple videos, that’s some serial killer shit.
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    Why is he making multiple videos? So he can better show he's a consensual BDSM stud muffin whose worst transgression is adultery involving multiple partners which those multiple videos focus on, which he hopes will appeal to enough women to at least staff his merch tables and perform in his upcoming videos, and eventually to appeal to more women to listen to his music and buy his stuff. That may or may not work but that's what I think he's seriously trying to do.

    Hey, if BOTDF is still around at least to sell merch and to try to sell their/his streaming music, William Control still has some potential to keep going.
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    I love this song
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    dude you groomed a child
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    i've noticed a lot of artists lately are very dismissive to serious claims by saying 'stay posi'. super manipulative and gaslighty. reminds me of that recent ariana situation about that blogger. the blogger reached out to ari, saying her fans were super, super threatening and toxic and ariana dismissed it as 'they're reacting with the same energy you put out, be positive!'.

    i don't know, these people have a platform and it's just terrible all around.
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