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  1. Cameron

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    That’s sad I didn’t know that. I’m sure Ryan passing has been hard on him. Plus like what is he even doing now that his shows are over?
  2. Nathan

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    He was tepidly getting back into skating but I unfollowed him months ago because his behavior made me uncomfortable. I hope people can get through to him and he can get help. I know he’s been dealing with addiction for a long time.
  3. DarkHotline

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    This really bums me the fuck out.
  4. Kingjohn_654

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    That sucks! She was one of my favorite characters on that show!

    I hope she finds something new soon, she's too talented not to.
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  5. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    it must be hard for Steve-O because he got sober and is vegan now but he also can't force anyone to change
  6. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Ryan’s death was definitely the tipping point for Bam’s mental downfall. He was part of a Vice doc a couple years about his struggles to get sober and at the point he seemed to be on the right path at the time.
  7. DarkHotline

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    This honestly isn’t too different to how Steve-O was prior to being sober. I remember watching the MTV special about it and there’s a scene where the Jackass guys are with him, I think giving an intervention, and Knoxville just looked so heartbroken watching Steve being high and crazy.
  8. NJPunkMusic

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    Bam is a sick individual who needs help ASAP. Same thing happened a few months back with him crapping on his wife and Novak via instagram and stuff. Right around his house party. Its basically a train wreck and said. I used to idolize him back in the CKY and Jackass days. Then Viva La Bam came and so did the trouble. hope Novak and Steve can help

  9. can NDT shut up
  10. Imagine responding to a heinous act of gun violence with “but cars, medicine, and the flu are the REAL villains”
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    Seriously. What a fucking awful tweet.
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  14. Aaron Mook Moderator

    I'm having trouble finding it, but Smash Mouth's response was also fantastic
  15. Anna Acosta

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  16. wow I had no idea he was a POS, then again I don't really follow anything he does.
  17. Kiana

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    The "best" part of this is that he got thru those allegations relatively unscathed but since he brought his stupidity up again the accusations are back in the forefront as they should be every time his name is mentioned
  18. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  19. jjnunn118

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    Forgot about that dude, gross
  20. Arry

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    I'm glad he hired Shaggy as legal counsel
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  22. OhTheWater Aug 13, 2019
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    Dk where else to put this. Fuck him and his stupid company


    Lol jesus christ
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    Barstool is the worst
  24. OhTheWater

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    Also why are people who I like defending Cuomo for saying Fredo is like the n-word? That’s dumb as shit
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  25. There is something about Portnoy that really really irks me. I feel like he has some major skeletons in his closet that are gonna come out someday? I guess? He's just like the spearhead of toxic masculinity in 2019.
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