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    Or I guess I should say everyone was intensely unlikeable and it completely changed my view on the whole movie. Now I wouldn’t even want to go back to remember everything I hated.
  2. Did you see A Ghost Story?
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    I love Robin Williams and the park scene.
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  4. Apparently a children's youtube channel uploaded this a few days ago.

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    Oh yeah Robin is of course still wonderful. But everyone else suuuuuucks.
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    Yeah, loved it, though Lowery and Rooney Mara did the heavy lifting
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    he can only be in movies if he wears a white sheet the whole time while Rooney Mara eats a chocolate silk pie while crying
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    I guess this goes here
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    I have a friend who practically worships Seinfeld and I just want to burn him so bad but I haven't had the courage
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    Even as a kid seeing them in People Magazine I thought was weird

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    Yàààààààs roast him!! Such a creep.
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    lol at "I'm not homophobic I made Alexander"
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    Just saw this ad on twitter and I feel weird about it. Yeah, it’s a true story and I know situations like this have a racial aspect to them but imo it’s ridiculously irresponsible to make a movie about false allegations when they’re a) such a tiny percent to begin with and b) shitty dudes already think allegations aren’t true and could use an inspirational movie like this to hold onto those beliefs
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  14. DeathOrGlory

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    A friend of mine on Facebook posted about having seen firsthand experienced evidence of PewDiePie being a sexual predator so look forward to that one popping up the future when the victim is comfortable coming forward.
  15. Anthony_

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    Finding out the white supremacist twitch streamer is also a predator is probably the least surprising thing that will happen to me all week.
  16. Arry

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    and he has one of the most toxic fanbases ever. i can't imagine the harassment
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    Yeah honestly it's going to be really hard for this person to remain anonymous (should they choose to come forward anonymously) when that moron's legions of brainwashed fans get work trying to figure out who it is.
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  18. DeathOrGlory Jul 29, 2019
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    see ya

    It'll definitely be a while for this reason. There is quantifiable evidence that can be submitted from what I understand, but PewDiePie is terrifyingly powerful. I don't know if I'd personally have the guts to try and go against him, which I imagine is exactly what he wants the survivor to feel.
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    Yeah this is so fucked. I can't even imagine what the survivor is going through right now.

    And there are of course still people wonder why this shit often goes unreported or only gets reported years later, some of whom are on this very website. And those wonder why survivors choose to remain anonymous when coming forward about people in positions of power, again, some of whom are on this very website.
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  20. iCarly Rae Jepsen Jul 30, 2019
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    love how people like him and Steve Harvey who cheat on their wives think they have moral authority, also nobody is telling their kids they're trans or nb, the children are the ones who know
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  21. Anna Acosta

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    I mean, same dude tried to say it's "dangerous to believe women about assault because some lie" so... the bar is subterranean here. And yet he still can't clear it.

    Based on the comments, folks who think like this have convinced themselves supporting your trans child means having them have a full-on gender reassignment when they're still a toddler. The transphobia is ridiculous. "What if they change their mind again? SO HARMFUL" okay so gender is fluid and let them be who they want? Literally nothing about it is permanent or any more damaging than assigning a gender that may be wrong at birth?

    Also equating gender identity with sexuality is a big yikes. Letting your kids tell you their gender isn't sexualizing them, assuming it's a sex thing is sexualizing them.
  22. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Right he was mad at Charlize but she was just using proper pronouns and loving her kid regardless
  23. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    I’m not sure it quite belongs in here because he’s only really hurting himself but have any of you seen Bam Margera basically live-instagramming his mental breakdown? He’s posting like 20 times a day disparaging his wife and mother constantly, and it got even weirder with him last night making up a new language and getting mad at people for telling him to get help

    Chris Pontius and Steve-O have even directly commented on his posts trying to help