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    nepotism needs to die in Hollywood
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  3. edit: here's the instagram post
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    Good lord. He sounds like even more a nightmare than what was already said.
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    It's unbelievable that he's taken seriously in Hollywood. I remember hearing him on the Nerdist podcast years ago and he was telling them all these inane story ideas he had that all sounded like they came out of the brain of a nine year-old.
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    His episode of Kumail's "X-Files" podcast is completely unlistenable.
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    The only thing of his I’ve ever enjoyed was American Ultra and that was fully due to Eisenberg and Stewart.
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    I only like his telling of the Death of Superman comic story
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    I feel like him being untalented is irrelevant to his being a piece of shit but also lol at Bright
  10. I'm not sure when this interaction Whitney is describing happened, but yikes if true.

    screenshot is the replies to this
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    I don't know who any of these people are because apparently I'm hopelessly out of touch and it's making this so hard to sort through
  12. Whitney is an actress commonly known for Birdemic, but I knew her from the Sourcefed youtube channel. Lexi Alexander is a director who's relatively small but well regarded in the industry and seems pretty outwardly feminist from what I've seen in the past. I haven't followed their history regarding the Max Landis stuff, so I don't know much beyond what's been posted in here.
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    Thank you, this is actually quite helpful (context is everything)
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  14. Jessica Biel Comes Out as Anti-Vaxx Activist

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    And the list of awful 7th Heaven alumni grows longer.
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  16. big yikes
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    If ur kid isn't medically fragile and is able to be vaccinated it should be child abuse to not get them vaccinated. the parents should be charged with a crime if their kid dies or if they infect another kid who dies or gets seriously ill due to their medical neglect.
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    I've always liked Jessica Biel - I'm kinda bummed to learn she is a fucking moron.
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    That sucks.
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    Fuck. Her too?! What an idiot.
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    Jeez, my first thought with that headline was is this some kind of Mike Pence "you sneaky women aren't going to trick me" thing.

    But no, Keanu is just pure.
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    I’d be doing the same thing. It’s nice to give people their space but also being a germaphobe. Nah fam, hover hand is the way to go.