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    School work I had to be in my room cuz I had a whole process. Working remotely now is nice but there are definitely times id prefer a workplace. Which I technically could but I ain’t commuting to Irvine just to do that
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    Here's a 900 sq/ft 2 bed house on the market in the town I currently rent in...for 460k.,-71.22943,42.218411,-71.475592_rect/12_zm/
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    fuck Johnny Depp
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    Reminds me of the Chris Hardwick situation last year. When it came to Chloe’s allegations of sexual and emotional abuse, it was more she said/he said, but multiple people came forward saying they witnessed Chris blackballing her career after they broke up, which is still a shitty thing to do
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    Depp is such a colossal trash pile
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    How Hardwick has the power to blackball anyone is surprising to me. I hated him on Attack of the Show, and still do.
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    I’m still shocked at the guests who still go on Nerdist.
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    I cut him completely out since last June. I didn't even know he revived the podcast until months after he was releasing new episodes. Does he still host Talking Dead?
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    Yeah I’m pretty sure AMC quietly rehired him
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    Why won't he and Woody die already
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    Quick question: would he be sent to prison if he returned to America?
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    Statute of limitations were up decades ago, so he wouldn't be sent to jail for the trial. He can, however, be sent to jail for avoiding sentencing. He has to stay in France since they would't return him to the United States.
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    He doesn’t have anything to do with Nerdist iirc. But he does have his own podcast independent of them.
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    Nerdist was bought by Legendary Entertainment, he rebooted with ID10T podcast. Same format but after the allegations that’s when I stopped listening
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    Yeah I meant his podcast guests. I didn't realize he changed the name.
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    From the looks of it, he’s definitely not pulling the same level of talent on that podcast. So that’s good. Pretty fitting name for the rebrand.
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    He was always the worst part of the nerdist podcast anyways. Not that it really matters I guess. Matt and Jonah were way funnier than him.
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    I’m glad they left him (right?). He’s still had Seth Green, Andrea Savage and Jaime Lee Curtis on, in terms of people I care about. He should be blacklisted
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    Man Che sucks
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    The fuck?